Starting a freelancing job is very easy when you are equipped with the necessary skills. However, the skills cannot make money unless it’s hired by a person, company, or organization. Skills marketing was one of the challenges faced by the early freelancers. And it would have remain the business downside if not for some intelligent minds who propose the idea of creating platforms where freelancers and buyers will talk business. At last, they were able to develop freelance websites, and that marks the beginning of great accomplishment for all the people in the business.

In continuation of my series on freelancing, I will like to give my visitors the best freelancing websites they can consider to make money during this pandemic. Meanwhile, experts in the business can also benefit from this article. Because one of the methods of making more money as a freelancer is by having accounts on several websites, by doing this you will never run out of jobs. Just stay tuned with this blog, you will learn more about the winning strategies of this business in my next post. But for now, let me serve you with the 10 most popular and best freelancing websites in the world.

The names of the websites are not of great importance as the features they are offering. Therefore, this list will also points out their special qualities, similarities and differences. Moreover, I will try as much as possible to state the most demanded skills on each platform so that it will be very easy for you to select one where your skills are most wanted.

1. Fiverr

The most popular website as far as freelancing is concerned. This online service marketplace is highly ranked for its simplicity of usage. Moreover, registering on this platform is completely free and very easy. There is no need to fill pages upon pages of forms to get your account signed up. Meanwhile, it allows all kinds of services. Companies and organizations usually come here to hire their writers, graphic designers, app developers, SEO managers, and any services that can be offered and delivered through the internet.

The amazing thing about this platform is that they charge little commission for all their services enjoyed by freelancers. And their low charges don’t in any way limit the chance of freelancers getting to the top of their careers. Moreover, they have put in place several advertisement programs and tutorials to enhance the marketing strategies of their service providers. The chance of making a huge profit on Fiverr is very high. The lowest price for a gig is $5, and the price can go high to thousands of bucks.

2. Upwork

Upwork is where the cool money lies, but very competitive. This is the largest freelancing website in the world. The gigantic and most consulted internet based service marketplace comes into existence due to the merging of oDesk and Elance in 2013. The two websites are reputable, and for this reason, Upwork was able to rise to stardom within a few years. About three million jobs are received on the platform annually, it has over 14 million users worldwide, and records over 1billion dollars business transactions every year.

This platform is where most of the 500 fortunate companies hire their freelancers. Most of the freelancers on this website are professionals in their careers, and therefore, it’s highly profitable and competitive. Sellers on this platform can bid for jobs, and they usually bill clients per hour. Imagine the profit realized by offering a service to clients at $20 per hour for a job that will last for two weeks. Meanwhile, it offers opportunities for freelancers to upload and enhance their profile for getting jobs regularly. Another astonishing feature of Upwork is that there is a mobile app that allows you to interact with clients better. Moreover, your money is safe with the company.

3. Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour is the website where you can make your living and survival during this quarantine. And it may eventually turn out that you will fall in love with the platform and choose to work here rather than returning to your time-consuming and stressful job. This platform allows professionals and people with high sense of creativity offer their skills to businesses and clients online without been employed permanently. One thing that makes this platform stand out is the availability of tools to simplify your freelance experience.

It enables freelancers to view proposals, message freely through the mobile app, and manage their accounts conveniently. Meanwhile, the security of your private information is guaranteed, as well as safe transactions. For fair dealings, this platform ensures that buyers make down payment the moment they ordered for a service, and the seller gets their money immediately the work is submitted and the buyer completes the order. This feature also favors buyers in that they get their money back if the seller fails to deliver.

Peopleperhour is indeed a freelancing website to consider during this Covid-19 outbreak. The only difference between this one and the previous sites is that a freelancer has to purchase a plan to become a membership seller on this platform


Here is one of the oldest and biggest freelancing websites in the world. The crowdsourcing freelance platform houses over 44millions freelancers from about 247countries in the world. is another place for experts with lots of features in place to get jobs quickly. Freelancers on this platform get jobs by viewing proposals released by companies, then they bid for it using their profile and positive reviews as leverage. And the company will later select one of the bidders to handle their job. Huge profit is also possible here, and the large number therein makes it better.

This platform accepts subscription fees, but this time it’s very flexible. Moreover, they only take 10% of your earning, and you can reduce that to $5 by choosing a subscription plan. Transparency is one of the things enjoyed by freelancers on this platform. It’s very easy to keep buyers updated with works progress. Meanwhile, this website is open for all kinds of professions be it engineering, data scientist, accounting, and writing.


The only message passed by the name “guru” is that keep off if you are not a professional. This freelancing platform was specially created to connect service providers and buyers. Since 1998, the company has worked tirelessly to ensure that there is a strong collaboration in online servicing. To bring their dreams into fruition, they were left with no option but to create a platform with a robust dashboard that enables effective communication between freelancers and their clients. can be joined for free, but there are paid subscription plans that will help you in making the best of the platform. Meanwhile, there are various transaction types on this website. A seller may decide to bill their clients per hour or give them a one-time payment. There is also a chance of making use of the milestone payment method, a system in which you break the jobs into sections so likewise the money, and get the final percentage on the completion of the job. It doesn’t end there, there are still more options with payment protection. Another mind-blowing feature about this website is the ease at which you can upgrade your portfolio.

6. Toptal

A top freelancing platform for top professional freelancers. If you must come to this website, you must be very fluent in the English language. At first, the registering freelancer will have to undergo an online 10-minute interview on Skype from which they will test your grammatical ability, and also demand for your hourly rate, and the reasons you want to offer your skills on the website. There are about three other tests you will have to take to prove that you have the endurance to be on the professional website. The final stage is where you will be given a job related to your skills to be submitted in two weeks. Only 3% of people who started the registration got approved at the end. So if you think you have what it takes to prove you are the best at what you do. Then it’s time to show the likes of Amazon, and Microsoft what you got.

Don’t let the series of tests give you the wrong impression about the marketplace. It’s very easy to relate with the site’s environment and make more money offering your skills during this coronavirus pandemic.

7. 99Designs

Do you think the previous websites cannot pay you well for your great designing skills? Then, you must be looking for 99design. The website was formerly an online platform where designers come together to compete with their skills and now the largest freelancing websites for designers. This is where companies and businesses usually come to hire someone for their logos, cards, and other designs. Meanwhile, this marketplace also serves as an advertising platform for website designers.

This platform is more beneficial to the clients in the sense that they only leave with the best designs after a very competitive contest among top designers in the world. Signing up as a freelancer on the website is free, but businesses may have to choose from the different subscription plans available with each one offering lots of amazing benefits. Meanwhile, 99designs has lots of features like training videos, toolkits, and past interviews with successful designers on the platform to upgrade the marketing skills of their users. The platform also offers affiliate programs that enable freelancers to earn by bringing more customers into the system.

8. Evanto Studio

The freelance platform where creativity is in high demand. Entrepreneurs do come here regularly to get their logo and WordPress website designers. The high-quality jobs gotten by their customers have been the reasons for the rapid growth of this platform. There are numerous options of freelancers to pick from which encourages hundreds of buyers to register on the website daily.

The comfortable and easy-to-interact environment provided by this platform is another outstanding feature that gives it a higher recognition over others. Moreover, it’s mostly preferred by entrepreneurs for its cost-effective services. There are chances of getting a good, and professional logo for your business as low as $5. Meanwhile, sellers can make more than they can ever imagine as they are opportune to create services worth $2000. The communication system set in place is to ensure that there is an exchange of ideas between freelancers and buyers. They want a situation whereby buyers will be comfortable knowing that their works are been handled by professionals, and they are fed with updates regularly.

9. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is the freelance website where all kinds of writing services are hires. This website is where writing experts, content managers, talented editors, translators, and proofreaders are hired by big companies and businesses. On this website, freelancers are given the full right to maximally optimize their portfolios to get jobs from prospective customers. For example, if you have a college degree in the English language, just laid off as content editors in a magazine company, or has once written a book before the pandemic. I am sure this website is where you will like to drop your profile to make money using your passion, knowledge, and experience.

Meanwhile, this platform is well equipped with content development tools that help writers in creating amazing content. Some of the tools are the keyword research tool, high-quality images creators, and analytic tools. There is also an opportunity for a writer to meet and work with other professionals in the field to gain more ratings for building up their portfolios on the website. Moreover, this site has more successful freelancers because they have provided free materials and resources that will guide them through all their stages in the freelancing career.

10. Aquent

Aquent makes the last on the list of our best freelancing company. The company, for years, has been specialized in placing employees temporarily in a marketing and creative institution. However, they elevate their freelancing service with the creation of vitamin-T. Vitamin-T is a website specifically created for assisting highly talented people in marketing their skills on the internet. The talent agency was developed to connect freelancers with digital marketing skills, coding, programming, designs, and marketing talents to a prospective company or client.

The incredible thing about this Aquent is that they have a salary guide book that will help freelancers in choosing a price for their services. With this feature, you will be able to know your worth and never be cheated for the services you are rendering. Meanwhile, their blog section is always updated with educating articles provided for the use of both buyers and sellers. Moreover, they look forward to helping you in improving your skills to meet more customers on the platform. This website is open to freelancers with 2+ working experience in their working field, and it’s also a good place for fresh graduates to start their careers.

Now that I have listed the 10 best freelancing websites that you can consider during this global coronavirus pandemic. I hope you have selected one or two that can work for your skills. If you are still looking for more, you can look up the likes of Nexxt, Hireable, Designhill, TaskRabbit, and other freelance websites available on the internet. I believe there is a place for you, there is a place for your skills, and there is a place to make income during this period. I wish you good luck and try as much as possible to get yourself registered on one before the next article.