Infrastructure as Code, or IaC, is a rapidly growing field that offers various benefits including increased speed, decreased errors, and more predictability. Given the numerous advantages of Infrastructure as Code, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are transitioning to IaC configurations.

In this article, we’ll cover three of the most effective Infrastructure as Code tools that can help you increase productivity in your small business. Make sure to check out this idevsecops page for more information about cloud security systems and services.


Terraform is an open-source infrastructure automation platform that’s invaluable when it comes to managing and customizing your Infrastructure as Code setup. Small business owners can set up IaC that covers numerous infrastructure providers within the Terraform application.

Automation is a critical element of large-scale success with Infrastructure as Code, and Terraform makes it easy to manage your infrastructure with a lower risk of user error. It’s a great starting point for any organization that’s interested in leveraging Infrastructure as Code.

Google Cloud Deployment Manager

Google Cloud Deployment Manager is a powerful tool for creating and configuring your resources on the Google Cloud Platform. Managers can use Python or YAML to look at their deployments and visualize potential changes before deployment.

Through the platform’s declarative language approach, configurations are quickly defined before Google Cloud Deployment Manager handles the rest of the workflow. Google Cloud Deployment Manager also streamlines the process of setting up repeatable deployment processes.


An open-source Infrastructure as Code management platform, SaltStack leverages Python to offer the simplest possible solution for companies that want to quickly create and manage IaC deployments. Like many other IaC programs, it’s built around the concept of automation to remove human input to the fullest possible extent.

If there are any errors in your event triggers, SaltStack can automatically detect those issues and revert them back to earlier states before the problem popped up. With SaltStack, you’ll have a much easier time preventing infrastructure problems before they happen and quickly fixing any that you aren’t able to avoid.

Infrastructure as Code is set to play a major role in enterprise-level workflows, but organizations still struggle to implement the new approach. While these platforms are just three of the top options available in 2021, they can help facilitate IaC configurations and automate certain elements of the process.