Shopify is one of the ecommerce website solutions on the web. With tools provided by the platform, you can create a stunning online store for your business. The platform has all extensions and apps needed to run a successful ecommerce business.

The most beneficiary thing about this platform is that you don’t need a professional web designer or programmer to create your online store. Unlike other platforms, Shopify uses a simplified model. One that anyone can implement to curate an ecommerce store by themselves without having to acquire a skill or take a course.

You could get anything set on your store by dragging and tapping your mouse. However, it’s necessary that you know a professional that you can call anytime you receive a warning notification about your website.

Website errors are delicate and must be resolved by professionals. The store could suffer an extended downtime and even a significant loss when professionals do not handle errors. Below are five warning signs that show that your Shopify store needs professional help.

Theme error

The theme error warnings could come in different forms. Your admin could give you a notice that says, “zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template.” This means that there is something wrong with the theme folder, and your site launchers doubt the credibility of your themes.

A similar one is the “Can’t save theme” error. In this case, Shopify also thinks you’re using a fake theme. The cause of these errors is usually traced to the liquid codes used in designing the themes.

Liquid is a unique programming language used to code Shopify themes and can only be edited by Shopify developers that understand the language. Your programmer will have to debug the code by reviewing and fixing the liquid programming.

Customer email error

Shopify displays this error when it fails to validate a customer’s email address. You can have this error only when trying to send an order to a customer or message a customer. Probably, to inform them about product delivery or discounts and promos. This error will come with a “customer email is invalid.”

The reason could be a typo error in the email address, or the email doesn’t exist. To continue with the task, you must hire a professional who will either have to cancel the order or correct the email so that you can resend the order.

Translation missing error

The only way to figure this problem out is that your site won’t be offering a different language to visitors aside from the default English language. This could happen even after you might have installed other languages using third-party apps.

This can be corrected by enabling the language filter in the language section of your theme setup. However, you need to hire a professional if the error persists after the enablement. The Shopify expert will have to make some corrections to the codes that make up the theme.

Import warning

This error is recognized by a warning message that says, “Item PRODUCT_NAME from STORE_NAME_OR_URL was not recognized as a product and will be imported as a custom item. Did you forget to import your products?”

The warning message pops up when you upload your products directly to your Shopify store rather than through the inventory. And the third-party apps crawling the order items couldn’t match the order with a variant in your inventory.

Typically, the third apps are designed to crawl the order items and match them with existing products on your store. But they would be hindered from doing this when you load your products directly on your Shopify store and not through your inventory.

This problem can be too cumbersome for a non-Shopify developer to resolve. Therefore, hiring a professional is more convenient to correct the anomaly.

Product variant error

This is another error that is inventory related. And it happens when Shopify cannot find a particular product or variant in your inventory.

The cause of these problems can either be that you have deleted the product from your inventory or made it unavailable. It can also be traced to the eBay app you integrated into your Shopify store or the multiple integration apps you’re using to manage your listings.

As this error could emanate from different sources, it’s safer to hire a professional to look into all and detect the particular one initiating the problem.


Seeking professional help will save your business from many site troubles and downtown. Having a Shopify developer within your reach will always keep your store up and running. And help avoid losses.