Shopify is the most excellent platform for creating and hosting an ecommerce store. The platform provides all the tools needed to design the most elegant stores. Shopify is so easy to navigate that even a person with no web development skills can create a beautiful ecommerce website for their business.

As of 2021, Shopify has been used by over 1.7 million merchants in 175 countries, and the number keeps increasing daily. This is because merchants are getting sales through the various marketing and advertising channels that are in place.

Shopify never ceases to surprise its merchants. Nearly every month, the company always push out new products, tools, and sales channel that will enable their users to attract more customers. The last six months saw many new features, over 100.

Out of all these new features, six of them will help you generate more sales. In this article, I will reveal all six tools. But before then, let’s remind you of the existing ways of attracting customers to your Shopify store.

Existing Ways of Driving Buyers to Your Ecommerce Store before the Shopify 2022 Edition Feature Upgrades

Even with the recent Shopify Edition Upgrades, users should know that the old methods still work and perform excellently well. In fact, it’s better to refer to them as existing methods, as they are still very relevant for today’s digital marketing techniques. They are the foundation for the new methods that suffice with this 2022 Summer Upgrade.

Blogging and content marketing

Shopify supports blogging and content marketing. You can easily create a blog section on your website where you educate, enlighten, and update your customers about your products. In addition, there are plenty of content marketing tools for making the journey exciting and fruitful.

Blogging about your product and niche is a marketing strategy that will work forever, as long as humans still read and want answers to their questions. People crave values. They desire solutions to their problems.

You have the solution, which is your product. However, you need to blog about these problems to show that you know them and care. After showing compassion and great knowledge in the field, you can introduce your products as solutions to their problems.

Blogging will also help keep your customers and turn them into returning buyers. Some will subscribe to your newsletter, which shows they trust your brand. And will love to do more patronage.


Search engine optimization has never been this easier for ecommerce merchants. The platform offers a bank full of SEO tools to help you run a successful search engine optimization campaign for your online store.

An example is the Alt text, an image optimization tool that helps you generate excellent and optimized descriptions for your product and blog images. Using alt tags for your pictures will make your website easily navigable and more understandable, even for visually impaired internet users.

Shopify supports the use of keywords. Inserting keywords in your blogs, image descriptions, Meta descriptions, and product descriptions will improve your website visibility. And this will drive more people to your website.

It’s easier to attain faster loading speed with Shopify speed optimization tools. You can even make your store friendly for smartphone users by exploring various mobile-friendly apps available on the platform.

Social Media Sales Channels

Social media are good sites for attracting customers. The platforms contain people who seek news, ideas, entertainment, and solutions. Recently, it has been found that people use social media like Facebook and Instagram for product searches.

Besides, many social platforms are already into ecommerce. They are adding shopping features and tools to encourage business transactions on their platform. Twitter joined them recently.

As social platforms are becoming interested in ecommerce, Shopify thought of a way of partnering with them instead of competing. And they came up with sales channel apps that Shopify merchants can use to link their stores to shops on various social platforms.

Shopify merchants can attract customers and sell on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. And many have generated colossal revenue using these sales channels.

Selling on other ecommerce platforms

Social networks are not the only platforms you can link to your Shopify store. You can also connect to other ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart. Perhaps, you have some products on either of the two that are not available on your Shopify store; linking to them will make them available.

In that case, customers from Shopify will be able to browse your Amazon or Walmart catalog right on Shopify and vice-versa. What an excellent way to harness the power of two great ecommerce platforms while maintaining the same brand name. Moreover, you have the advertising tools of both media at your disposal.

Email Marketing

Like SEO, email marketing is another strategy that still works in digital marketing. Even with the outburst of social networks, we still have people who check their emails. And you can use this medium to notify your customers about new products, blogs, discounts, and promotions.

Merchants usually employ this method to engage store visitors to the point of purchase and turn one-time buyers into returning buyers. Besides, it promises sweet Return on Investment rates. An article on constant contact explains that email marketing has a typical ROI of 36%. It means that you can gain $36 for every $1 spent.

It even gets more accessible and exciting with Shopify. You can easily install and integrate email marketing apps into your store. An example is Shopify Email, built to streamline email marketing processes for ecommerce merchants.

Pay-per-click campaigns

Investing in Google and Facebook advertising will do your store lots of good. It will give your store the exposure you crave and bring many buyers. Google ads rank your products first on SERPs for relevant searches in the Shopping Ads section. Facebook ads will help you sell more than other merchants on the platform.

You don’t have to study the Ads campaign to run it on Shopify. The platform will automatically pull your product information from your store and create ads for each. Moreover, it will ensure that the ads are displayed across all Google platforms, including Gmail, Google Search, and YouTube. And only to Google and Facebook users from locations you ship to.

There are more ways to attract customers to your Shopify store. Every advertising strategy for a conventional online store will work for a Shopify store. You can also use Influencer marketing, Vlogging, discounts and promotions, and online and offline events to increase sales.

Now, let’s see the improvements Shopify Edition brought to this segment.

Six (6) Shopify Edition Methods for Attracting Buyers and Increasing Sales

  1. Find the right audiences using Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences is your sure ticket to high ad conversion and reduced campaign cost. Ads campaign for ecommerce stores converts nicely. However, Ads perform better when it’s provided the correct data of target audiences, and that’s the role Shopify Audiences plays.

It’s more like a data-sharing system that allows store owners on Shopify to exchange data to improve their ads campaign. It’s a prospecting tool that ensures that merchants only run ad campaigns targeting the people ready to buy the products.

It works by using the target audience data set by a merchant to track shoppers with similar traits and then push the aggregated data to the ads platform selected by the merchant.

Shopify Audiences currently works with the Meta platforms (Facebook and Instagram Ads). And can only be used by US and Canadian merchants who use Shop Pay. We hope that they expand it to other countries before the year runs to an end.

  1. Attracts customers with Shop Cash

Shop cash is a rewarding system developed by Shopify to entice buyers to use their Shop App. For every purchase made using Shop pay on the App, buyers get 1% cashback. It’s believed that this incentive program will make more people shop on the App. Hence, a massive opportunity for sellers to gain more customers through the Shop Cash Boost.

The Shop Cash boost is a customer acquisition program in which you pay a set amount to Shopify whenever a new buyer is converted. While millions of people are storming the Shop App for rewards, a Shop Cash boost will help you gain more customers than other merchants on the App. Buyers will want to shop with boosted merchants because they could get up to a 10X increase of their Shop Cash bonus.

  1. Use Twitter Shopping to sell to your Twitter followers

For a very long period, merchants on Shopify have desired a Twitter sales channel. Finally, It’s here. Merchants can link their Shopify store to their Twitter Shop. They can sell to their followers and communities.

All you need to do is to install the Twitter Sales Channel App on your store and use the on-screen instructions to connect the accounts. Some improvements still need to be made by Twitter. They should make both Twitter Shop and Shopping Spotlight available to Shopify merchants. For now, merchants can only use one of the two.

One thing is certain right now, Twitter is open to Shopify merchants. Shopify Edition unlocks this social platform so that merchants can attract high-value buyers.

  1. Connect with brand ambassadors on Dovetale

Dovetale is a tool that facilitates good relationships between merchants and creators. Shopify merchants can use this software to manage relationships with their communities and brand ambassadors.

Dovetale Shopify is your gateway to streams of affiliate marketers. You can also use this software to manage applications and pay their commissions. There are multitudes of creators on this platform across various niches. Merchants can send applications through this tool and reach a deal with those willing to be your brand ambassadors.

This tool will help you expand your reach because these creators’ audience automatically becomes your audience. Besides, you can send special discounts to each of these creators via Dovetale so that they can share them with their audience.

  1. Build Shoppable links and expand your link in bio chances with Linkpop

Linkpop is a Shopify link in bio tool for creating online business cards. Merchants can now build a bio page on the internet with links to their most selling products, popular blog posts, and social media profile links. You can now add the link to this page to bios across all social networks and advertising platforms.

  1. Turn your online platform into a Marketplace

Would you like to have a marketplace on your platform? Perhaps, you have a streaming platform and would like to add the marketplace feature that enables content creators to sell merchandise to their audiences. Shopify Marketplace kit is all you need to make this transformation.

By becoming partners with Shopify, your platform will attract more users. Many creators who love selling while building a vast community will migrate to your platform because of the ecommerce feature.

Closing thoughts

Whatever you sell, your buyers are browsing the internet and looking for their solution products. All you need is a platform with advertising tools to reach out to them. Shopify is enough to see your six-figure merchant dream come to pass.

In this article, we have discussed twelve different methods to attract new customers using Shopify ecommerce solutions. Six of these methods were just rolled out some weeks ago. Make sure you utilize them to gain more sales.

Also, stay up-to-date with this series to learn more about these new advertising methods and how to use them.