If you’re a business owner, who does it all themselves, you fit the definition of a solopreneur. According to the Solopreneur Institute, these individuals don’t hire any formal W-2 employees, although they may occasionally outsource work on a contract basis.

Solopreneurship can be challenging, but the right technology and support can make it more manageable. Read on to discover some of the resources, presented by Premlall Consulting, you can leverage to make your life as an independent business owner easier.

Consult an expert when building your brand

99designs reveals that branding is critical to small business success, as it helps to set you apart from competitors and makes you more memorable to consumers. Your brand is made up of diverse details, from your logo to how your website is presented.

If you’ve never built a brand before, a brand consultant can help. These professionals will help you define what makes your business’s services and products unique, laying the groundwork for long-term marketing success.

Outsource your content needs to a professional

As you build and promote your brand, you will likely find yourself in need of content. Images, videos, social media, websites, and blogs all fall under the content umbrella. According to Word Stream, content must be carefully crafted with your target audience in mind. If you aren’t a content creator yourself, get help. Written content in particular can be challenging, so work with content writing services to create quality content. You can find these services through job platforms online and review candidates based on experience, cost, and feedback from past clients.

Find freelancers to handle everyday administrative tasks

Administrative duties are another component of solopreneur life you might consider outsourcing. This could include jobs like issuing and paying invoices, handling shipping and packaging logistics, and writing correspondence. The tasks will depend on the business.

You can find a variety of freelancers online to help you with all kinds of admin duties. If you want an all-rounder to support you on a regular basis, look into a virtual assistant. According to Drooms, virtual assistants are becoming increasingly prevalent and popular.

Use time-tracking and project management tools for greater efficiency

Of course, you can’t outsource every single job you have. To make sure you’re handling your own duties efficiently, turn to technology. Time-tracking software allows you to stay on top of your tasks. Tempo reveals that time-tracking can help businesses save time and money. Project management software is another handy piece of tech worth investing in as a solopreneur. Wrike explains that this innovative technology can help you keep track of deadlines and deliverables, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Also, keep in mind that, thanks to the internet, you can hire people from around the world to help with your business. Creating a diverse, multicultural team of freelancers can only benefit your company. However, make sure you have a way to pay for this talent. For instance, money transfer services like Remitly allow you to send money to your freelancers in the Dominican Republic — and many other places in the world. If the recipient doesn’t have a bank account, they can even pick up the money in cash.

Invest in software for inventory management

If you run an inventory-based business, you already know how consuming inventory management can be. However, it’s essential to your success, ensuring you always have the stock you need, when you need it. There are also tools available to help with inventory.

For example, inventory management software lets you handle warehouse management and provides a comprehensive overview of what stock you have and where it’s located. You can even automate order management, reducing the risk of shipping delays.

Turn to automation when possible

Inventory reordering is just one of the many tasks you can automate with the right technology. From email newsletter sending to social media posting, many small business tasks can be automated. Take advantage of these tools to save time whenever possible.

Even as a solopreneur, you don’t have to do it all alone. The above tools and external experts can help you build a thriving business.