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Hi! I am Anil Premlall and would like to thank you for wanting to learn more about me and my business. This page will be divided into two sections, a personal side, and a professional side.

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 On A Personal Level

Anil Premlall was born in South America, in a small country called Guyana. Depicted below is a world map with Guyana highlighted in red and a pin of the national flag. You might recognize Brazil to the south and Venezuela to the west. It is a beautiful tropical country close to the Amazon.

World map with Guyana, South America highlighted in red and a pin with the Guyana national flag

His family emigrated to the United States and ended up setting down in Queens, New York. New York City needs no introduction and is the hometown of many names you might be familiar with such as Cyndi Lauper, Donald Trump, Al Roker, LL Cool J, and Lucy Liu to name a few.

Time Square at night in New York City, NY

After a successful run in New York, Anil decided to relocate to Charleston, South Carolina, voted the No. 1 City in the U.S. & the world. Part of what is referred to as the Low Country, Charleston has a thriving economy, plenty of opportunity and some consider it the San Diego of the East Coast.

Cahrleston, South Carolina Park

On A Professional Level

Anil Premlall is an entrepreneur and accomplished business analyst with a flair for consultative advising. His illustrious career began in cosmopolitan New York, where Anil worked alongside large corporate companies to implement organizational business strategies that successfully fostered productive working environments amongst stakeholders within the company. His experience and decisive business acumen contribute to Anil’s outstanding repertoire of skill that delivers innovative solutions through the use of advanced technology and strong leadership.

Upon completion of further study, Anil Premlall has secured numerous jobs in high positions, that see some of his most revolutionary work in the world of all things business. From implementing in-house identity and access management software to the integration of “360” design concepts, it is evident that Anil’s vision driven mentality consistently delivers in all areas of his career. His exposure to avant-garde technologies further collates a wide knowledge of solutions that are imperative to the changing nature of businesses in the 21st century. Anil has also enhanced his expertise through the procurement of data science that has earned him various certificates.

This has founded the basis of Anil’s desire to create his own company with the passion to empower smaller businesses worldwide. The establishment of the small business Anil Premlall Consulting provides underrepresented micro businesses with an accessible all-in-one consultative platform. Through this website, Anil works hand-in-hand with clients to ensure that their needs are met. Services provided within the business include network and server configuration, website development, marketing and SEO/SEM training just to name a few!

With Anil Premlall Consulting consultative services, business owners and staff alike can feel confident knowing that their company is being cared for. He views problems as an opportunity for growth and recognizes the importance of smaller businesses. Anil’s progressive and down-to-earth approach garners an affable interpersonal relationship amongst clients to ensure that they feel at ease and not intimidated.

Strategically based in Charleston, SC, Anil has travelled extensively and is able to provide global project management solutions by using effective methodologies. This means that location is not an issue! Anil Premlall Consulting is designed to be easily accessible to all clients, ensuring small businesses worldwide can receive the same high-end tools and resources as their competitors. Think of Anil Premlall Consulting as your springboard for success. You have already done the hard work, now find out how to take your business to the next level!

In addition to this, Anil Premlall Consulting is constantly updating his resources to best suit his clients. Insightful business tips can be found in the “blog” section that explains basic strategic concepts and helpful ideas for individuals wanting to expand their knowledge. There is also a subscription for small business resources. The best part? It is free of charge!

Over the past few months, Anil Premlall Consulting has initiated the best strategies for automation and process management with the overall aim to increase profits. Current projects include Robot Process Automation (RPA) and growth hacking in liaison with leading edge software companies.

Anil Premlall Consulting is always looking for the next avenue of opportunity and would love to hear from potential clients. Anil’s proven strategies successfully align businesses with their strategic goals in a profitable and impactful manner. His mission is to equip smaller businesses with the tools they need for success, advocate for business equity as best possible and work towards achieving sustainable business practices.

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