Do you care about getting a clear and professional podcast? Or want to make sure that your audio recordings are of high-quality? Then, you need a tool or software.

Getting an application to produce the desired result is another big problem. There are lots of them out there, and you may even get some audio editors for free. However, you will agree with me that most of them don’t deliver on their promises.

Stress yourself no-more, and stop releasing those awful podcasts. You can do something great with some dollars. BounceCast will get things done for you in a jiffy, and you will be rolling out those professional podcasts as you always desire.

So, what’s BounceCast? But before I give it out to you in full, I will urge you to get a cold juice or something chill because I am about to blow all your minds. Joking, but BounceCast is awesome.

What is BounceCast?

BounceCast is an application that helps people to enhance, trim, and normalize their audio recordings. It’s is also good for mastering audio and video-audio files. BounceCast is the software you will like to consider for removing noises in your recordings.

Sincerely, BounceCast is an intelligent software that is given out to podcasts and audio makers at affordable prices. This is a software that can work in the capacity of an audio engineer all day long. Its recordings are great, and the results are mind-blowing.

BounceCast supports audio files in all formats you can imagine. Whether it’s WAV, FLAC, or MP3, you are good top go with this software. Meanwhile, importing, exporting, and converting your audio records from one format to another is very easy.

BounceCast is more than this, but we will go deeper into more of its functionalities when we examine the features of this amazing audio recorder.

Who can use BounceCast?

BounceCast is an application for all. It’s easy to use, and therefore can be used by anyone who would like to enhance the quality of their audio presentations or podcasts.

It can be used by authors to produce audio-books. Audio-books are what people love to listen to while undergoing a boring or strenuous task. And for this reason, it has to be of perfect production, free of noise, no echo, and the voice of the author or reader must be the same from the beginning to the end. BounceCast can make all that happens.

YouTubers can also benefit from BounceCast. Those that create audios and videos separately can use BounceCast to organize and master their audio mix. Audio engineers can also utilize this application to simplify their jobs. Meanwhile, anyone who wants to make the best out of the audiotapes can also use BounceCast.

What are the features of BounceCast?

Now, let’s get into the main business by looking at the features of the excellent application. The following are features offered by BounceCast.

Audio recording and Trimming

BounceCast is a fantastic audio recording application. It’s built with a strong recorder that won’t miss out on anything. The recorder will grab every sound that is produced during the audio recordings including the sound of a click of a mouse or keyboard.

The compatibility of this application on smartphones and iPhones makes it handy, in that you can make audio recordings of meetings and conferences for future reference.

BounceCast can also be used to trim audio files. Whether it’s imported from your computer or recorded with this application, BounceCast will assist in removing the useless portions at the beginning and end of the audio files.

Controlling of unwanted frequencies

BounceCast can also be your audio equalizer. It will help you balance the frequency components that make up the audio files. This application will alter and adjust all the frequencies to result in an audio file of the same frequency.

It will also deal with resonances, and ensure that the recordings are enhanced to optimal clarity. At the end of it all, you will be left with high-quality and professional podcasts.

Auto-leveling of audio files

It’s difficult to maintain the same distance with your mic during podcast recordings. Meanwhile, you can’t maintain the same loudness throughout, and for this reason, you need an application that can balance it up.

The automatic levelling of audio files is one of the astonishing features of BounceCast. This application will automatically correct all the differences in Loudness, and also make sure that your podcasts are delivered in the same volume.

Smart Enhancement

With the smart enhancement feature, BounceCast will enable you to fully optimize your audio presentations and podcasts to a professional standard. The feature comprises of sound equalization, peak regulation, and de-essing. Just with a few clicks of your mouse, your BounceCast will normalize and enhance your audio recordings to studio standards.

Interactive Guidance

You don’t have to be a musical genius or audio engineer to understand and utilize BounceCast. This application offers instructions that will guide you through the whole process. One of them is that BounceCast will always teach you how to position your mic to make excellent recordings. Others include guidelines on input level adjustment, warning messages, and instructions on the understanding of the recording meter.

Audio Restoration

Have you ever wonder if it’s possible to eliminate environmental disturbances from your audio recordings? By environmental disturbances, I meant clicks, pops, hums, and other irregular sounds. BounceCast can help you with the removal. It will automatically remove all those irregularities from your recordings and podcasts.

Intelligent Soundcheck

Before you start recording, BounceCast will instruct you to perform some exercise for it to understand the recording environment. The first of the exercise is clapping. From which it will note the echo condition of the environment and how the environment can influence your recordings.

The second of the tests is the reading test where you read some texts for the application to master your voice and proffer solutions on the adjustment of your recording setup.

Importing and exporting of audio files

BounceCast supports most audio formats which include WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3. Meanwhile, you can upload and export audio files in any of those formats.

What are the pros of BounceCast?

The following are the benefits of using BounceCast for your audio recordings and podcast productions.

  • It produces excellent results.
  • Available on IOS and Android devices
  • It’s an awesome audio recorder
  • There are guidelines to follow
  • It offers more than it price
  • Uploading and exporting files are available in multiple formats

What are the cons of BounceCast?

The following are the cons of BounceCast.

  • Some users claim BounceCast doesn’t produce studio quality
  • Some claims it doesn’t work on their computers
  • There are improvements to make

How much does BouneCast cost?

BounceCast is not expensive. It’s given out in two packages: free and premium. The premium plan offers all the features that have been stated above and costs $9.99 per month. Meanwhile, buying the annual plan at once will only cost $99.9.

You can also save money by buying through Appsumo. On Appsumo, you can have the annual premium plan for just $59. Buy your BounceCast code on Appsumo here.


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