Shopify Audiences and Twitter Sales Channel are not the only excellent tools that came with the Shopify Summer 2022 upgrade. Dovetale Shopify is another noteworthy application birthed by the development.

Merchants don’t have to dream of having a tool to manage ambassadors and affiliate marketers anymore. The application is right there in your admin, waiting to be installed. But before then, don’t you think it’s nice to learn its functions and benefits. Let’s get to it.

What’s Dovetale Shopify?

Dovetale is a collaboration tool for building and maintaining a strong relationship between businesses and their brand’s ambassadors and marketers. It helps merchants to effectively manage their communities with ease without giving a chance for slackness.

It’s pretty easy for businesses when it’s still one or two brand ambassadors. However, it could get overwhelming and extremely difficult to manage when the community grows, and you have about twenty creators and affiliate marketers. In this case, you need a rescue. Dovetale is the perfect community management tool for merchants.

Features of Dovetale Shopify

  • Community application

Dovetale allows merchants to create and review applications. With this tool, you can generate an application link that can be shared across social platforms to attract influencers and affiliate marketers. The tool helps describe your kinds of merchants and states the criteria for application.

Application reviews can’t be easier. You can view all necessary documents submitted by applicants and their social media profiles to see their number of followers and past contents. By this, you will only choose good ambassadors to represent your brand.

  • Influencers discovery

Dovetale is the platform for connecting with influencers and creators across all social media. The tool has a section where you can browse influencers’ profiles. You can also search by keywords to discover those in the same niche as your business.

  • Offers and gifts

Dovetale makes it possible to sign deals with creators and affiliate marketers promoting your brands and products. You can place your affiliate marketers in different tiers. Affiliate marketers contributing more than others could get more commission. You can also gift your ambassadors and assign special discount codes to each person.

  • Insightful Dashboard

The tool provides a comprehensive report of your influencer and affiliate marketing campaign. It tells the number of applicants waiting to be reviewed, the number of community members, and some sales metrics. You can quickly grade the success of your campaigns by these metrics.

  • Detailed reporting

Dovatale gives reports on the contributions of each affiliate. This tool allows merchants to track sales from each member of their communities.

Benefits of Dovetale to Shopify merchants

Increase in sales

The bigger the community, the more the sales. Your singular marketing effort can’t match that of many influencers and affiliate marketers. Dovetale helps to expand your market reach, consequently leading to more sales.

Brand Awareness

Influencer marketing improves brand awareness, especially when you work with creators that are well established in the niche. People easily trust the judgment of their chosen influencers, and so when these influencers recommend a brand, they believe. Dovetale is the key to these influencers.

Effective management

Merchants are usually sole-proprietors, and they have many things to deal with. For this reason, they must embrace tools to streamline and effectively manage some aspects of the business. Dovetale is the tool for managing your influencers and affiliate marketers.

With this tool, you can expand your community to include hundreds of brand ambassadors. It only takes a few clicks of the mouse to accept applications and send coupon codes.


Tools like this always cost some dime, but Shopify gives it out freely to all Shopify Plus merchants.

Setting up Dovetale for your Shopify business

Step 1: Installation

  • Open your Shopify admin, navigate to Settings, then Apps and Sales Channel
  • On the Apps and Sales Channel, find Dovetale and click it
  • Tap Open App
  • On the new page, enter your store’s brand name, website, Instagram account, and every other required information
  • Tap the Next button to enter the Create your Dovetale login page
  • Confirm your business details, and then choose a password
  • Click Create my account

Step 2: Creating your community application page

  • Click Get Started from the Create your Community Page
  • In the page design section, design the page and upload the brand logo, then proceed to the About your brand section
  • Create a title for the application, and describe your community, then navigate to the Perks of Partnership
  • On this page, state the benefits of joining your community, then navigate to the images section
  • Here, you could either upload images from your computer or connect your Instagram to populate some images
  • Then click the Next button to proceed to the social section where you customize your application survey.

Step 3: Customize the application survey

  • Choose the social media platforms that applicants can use to apply
  • Click Next to proceed to the Profile Page
  • Then state the information you want from your applicants
  • Tap Next to proceed to the survey page
  • Here, ask questions from your applicants
  • Click Next, and choose the methods by which you want to share your application page.
  • When all is done, click Save & Finish.

Your Dovetale is set, and you can receive applications from creators and affiliate marketers.

Closing thoughts

As browsers are beginning to scrap third-party cookies and ads campaigns are getting expensive and less efficient, influencer and affiliate marketing is the way out. Dovetale is a must-have tool for every merchant in this post-iOS 14 era. Make sure you install it and start building a community.