The anime industry comes with many benefits, and entertainment is just one of them. This business is growing bigger every day, and its content has spread to almost every part of the world, if not all. Predictions say that the current market value might double before the end of this decade.

These are indications that this industry comes with a good aura for businesses. Smart investors could generate lots of fortune from this industry. Some are already doing that by leveraging anime merchandising: the kids of this generation would love to wear a tee-shirt with the image of their favorite anime character.

Aside from investing in the market, anime content can also be leveraged for advertising. Nowadays, people are going the extra mile to craft new advertising strategies. And like you know, in the business game, only those who dare to be intelligent and innovative win.

For this reason, many are beginning to look for ways through which they could reach the newer audience using anime content. The establishment of the Dentsu Japanimation studio in Japan is a confirmation. This studio was founded to help businesses develop marketing solutions using animation content and technology.

In this blog, we will discuss ways businesses can harness the power of anime as an outstanding marketing solution.

How to advertise your business using the outstanding market solutions provided by the Anime industry

Signing deals with anime influencers and content creators

Today, there are influencers for every content type. Is it fashion, lifestyle, traveling, or gaming? Anything you can think of, there would be at least a person with millions of followers or thousands on YouTube or social platforms talking about it.

Now, we have anime influencers. These are content creators that use their YouTube channels and social media pages for anime series commentary and character reviews. The top anime YouTube influencers include Agnes Diego (a.k.a Akidearest), Garnt Maneetapho (GIGGUK), and MASTAR MEDIA. These are people businesses can approach for in-content advertisement.

Many businesses have reached more buyers by signing the same contract with games content creators. These content creators would advertise the business products during live streams or talk about the business in their videos. They would also include links through which their subscribers and viewers can purchase the product.

The anime creators are also open to advertisement deals. They will gladly receive businesses that want to sponsor their content. Your business could generate lots of sales through this method as their videos usually attract many views.

Another way to level up is to make deals directly with anime studios and producers. You could sign a contract that will make them include your restaurant, gift shop, or business brand in their series.

Imagine there’s a series in which anime characters eat in your restaurant to discuss their next mission. And let’s say this series runs for five seasons or more, and the characters meet in your restaurant at least once every three episodes. Everyone who sees this anime will know the restaurant’s name, and they will want to eat in the same place as their heroes.

 Cinema advertising

Cinema advertising could also help you to sell your products to anime lovers. Recently, anime movies are beginning to get theatrically released. People will have to pay some amount to see the anime on the day of release, and the content is only exclusive to cinemagoers. You can use this medium for advertising your products to multitudes.

The fantastic thing about cinema advertising is that it only conveys your brand to captive audiences. These advertisements are strategically placed before or after a scene of suspense. And when the audiences are completely immersed in the movie. In this manner, they would all listen to the advertisement and follow through to the end.

Every one of the audiences will go home knowing one or two things about your business and the services you render. Moreover, this mode will help you leverage anime content for advertising adult products.

Presently, the biggest demographic of anime lovers are children and teenagers. Many of them can’t visit the cinema except with their parents or older siblings between 18 and 39 years. You can advertise your business or product to these people using cinema advertising while seeing an anime movie with their children or younger siblings.

Anime commercials

There’s no need for your business to create anime content in the first two methods. You’re simply manipulating the audience of this industry to your advantage. You can get more involved by creating animation videos that will represent your business on television screens.

Anime commercials are usually 30 seconds (could be more or less) videos with polished graphics and audible voice-overs in which anime characters introduce a product and tell the audience about its usefulness. It uses captivating storylines that explain problems people face and how the company’s products or services can provide solutions.

Anime commercials could also serve as social media ads. They have to be short, direct, and engaging. Also, you must not forget to include the attractive call to action.

A perfect example is the Nescafe anime commercial. In this 2-minute video, a girl was seen driving around the city and serving hard workers with Nescafe drinks so that they could do more. She served people that are nagging, tired, and at the brim of quitting for the day. The video shows these anime characters with a smile on their face after receiving the Nescafe with an attitude of now I can do more.

In the end, this little girl got her dream job. Not because she meets the qualifications, but because she’s happy, hopeful, hardworking, and wants to do more. Nescafe ended this advertisement with a call to action: waking up is doing more than you should. Nescafe is going the extra mile for you. They also included amazing offers of how consumers can win 10,000 more Asian miles by drinking Nescafe.

You can watch the video here.

Anime commercials are better than live-action commercials because they’re less expensive and more cost-effective. The cost of hiring actors alone would make stunning anime commercials and put them on the television channels.

It’s more engaging than live-action. You can make the best of your advertisement investment with anime. With anime commercials, small businesses can compete with big companies. They can create awareness through television advertising.

Anime commercials are the best because any industry can utilize them. Think of any concept that’s difficult to explain using living characters; anime will get it done quickly. Are you looking for a cost-effective commercial to illustrate the cleansing action of your brand’s colon cleanser? Anime content could be your solution.

Anime game advertising

A brilliant way to hit your competitor by surprise using anime is to build a game around your business. KFC first implemented this innovation.

The game was titled Colonel Sanders dating simulator. It’s an anime-style dating sim game created by an entertainment/advertising company, Psyop. Players are on a fantasy journey with promises to make them master chefs in three days. In the game, the player, who is also the main character, gains a culinary degree, supports friends with their culinary skills, and makes culinary chops.

The dating aspect is that players can win the heart of the hot animated version of Colonel Sanders with their cooking skills. The game was built on pure joke and fantasy. However, KFC was surprised by more orders they acquired because of this game.

Organizing anime events

Children love to party—likewise, adults. To date, people visit Disneyland to see the world of their favorite cartoons and Disney characters. You can create a mini anime-land or organize an event for the anime culture where your products will be on display.

Nippon Airways pulled a similar strategy. The airline company held a unique travel campaign in which they had two of their planes designed with Pokémon characters and paintings. They didn’t only do the exterior. They also have a special compartment in the plane decorated with Pokémon dolls, cards, and games from carpet to ceilings.

You can create something like this for an anime series within your company’s facility. Then, invite children to come and have fun for free or at an affordable price. At this event, you can have your company product displayed or an excursion that will take them and their parents through all production stages.

Augmented and Virtual reality anime advertising

A.R and V.R advertising will probably be the future of anime advertising. The world is gradually heading towards the metaverse era. By using these technologies, you can show a prospect a glimpse of what they should expect from your company in the comfort of their homes.

By making them wear a headset, you can make them see how you will fix their roofs or perform your cleaning services. In the metaverse dimension, your prospect can be an anime character watching other anime characters (staff of the company) performs their service.

The A.R and V.R anime advertising are currently in development. And will finally come to the limelight when metaverse becomes affordable to everyone. Stay in the loop so that your brand will be one of the first businesses to implement this mode of advertising.


The development of the anime industry birthed new styles of advertisement. Businesses must quickly adopt these new styles to win in the market and lead competitors. From today, start thinking of how you could use any of the methods discussed above to generate more revenue for your business.