Twitch is preferably the best platform to start a gaming influencing career. The platform currently tops the list of the top game streaming sites. Besides, it has a massive community of users. According to a statistical report on mediakix, Twitch has approximately 140 million unique monthly users and about 9.2 million monthly active streamers.

As the market is wide, so also, the competition is fierce. Only about 10% of the total streamers on the platform are making a living from their channels. Meanwhile, an article on TechCrunch says that out of its 2 million channels, only 5000 channels are getting 75% of its total viewing hour. Truth be told, Twitch is a tough place for new content creators.

However, with good content and a brilliant marketing strategy, a new streamer could gain a good position on the platform and compete with dominating influencers. There are lots of things you can do on the platform to boost your channel status. However, the best way to go about it is to build a presence for your channel outside Twitch. And then, redirect them to those contents you have on Twitch.

How do you do this? By using social media. Do you want to know more? Read on to see how you can use social media to up your game on Twitch. But before then, let’s see the best social media platforms for Twitch streamers:

Social networks for Twitch content creators


There’s no limit to how many viewers you can gather for yourself on the platform. Facebook is the most used social media network in the world and has over 2 billion monthly active users. Moreover, this platform has users of all kinds of age groups, including teenagers and adults that are the major consumers of gaming content.

When it comes to Facebook, It’s not an option. Every streamer must have a page on the social media network. The great thing about this platform is that you can add a shop to your business page and sell merchandise on it.


No social media can compete with Instagram on visual format content and aesthetic displays. Meanwhile, there’s a pool of 1 billion monthly active users to dive into. Here is the platform to attract teenagers with amazing short clips of your content and quality graphics like the picture of a new character you just developed.


Don’t underrate this platform; it can be useful to your streaming business as other social platforms. Surprisingly, it’s where most Twitch streamers promote their gaming content and channels. It has a lesser amount of monthly users compared to Facebook and Instagram, which is about 326 million users. However, most gaming influencers prefer it because of its easy discoverability.


Tik Tok is currently the hottest social platform. It’s doing fine with over 500 million users and has most teenagers and young adults. Moreover, every streamer should consider this platform because it highly supports the sharing of short videos. You can make a lot of viewers on this platform by sharing iconic short moments of your gaming content. An example of that is how you destroy a game antagonist in less than 30 seconds.


YouTube could also work for promoting your Twitch channel. Besides, it’s a streaming platform itself, so sharing your content on it would be more like diversifying.

How to promote Twitch channel using social media

Have your channel presence on as many social media as possible

One question that we usually receive from gaming streamers is how many social media sites I should have a presence on. The answer is on as many social media as possible. If you have the capacity, you should have profiles on all the social media above. And if you don’t have the time, perhaps, you’re the only one managing the channel; you can stick to two or three.

A page on Facebook is very important. The social network supports all kinds of content formats, including videos, images, and texts. Twitch provides Twitter integration for its content creators. So, you can easily link up your channel Twitter account to your Twitch and automatically notify your followers of upcoming live streams.

You can also have a profile on Instagram to make up three because the platform is easier to manage. Having a presence on different social platforms will help you to build a huge number of followers within a short period. Moreover, you don’t know where exactly you have your followers, so the best thing is to try different social networks.

Post unique content on each social media account

It’s easier when you post the same contents of your social media accounts, but that’s not the best thing to do. Doing this would probably give you the time to work on other things, but it won’t give you the best return on investment of your time. If you want the most favorable result, post unique content on each account.

Updating your social platform accounts with unique content will assist you in getting followers on all the media. Meanwhile, social media users will never get tired of your channels. They would love to follow across all platforms to get your daily or weekly posts. And trust us, the hard work will pay better.

Make your social media followers thirst for more.

Although the reason for the social media promotion is to make viewers follow you on Twitch, don’t make them feel like they can’t get any value until they join you on Twitch. Always ensure that your social media contents are enough to entertain and add value to your audience. By doing so, they would like to check your content out on Twitch.

You can decide that your how-to videos will be for your social media followers. After each video, you can invite them to your live streaming to watch you use them in a video game. Even if they can’t make the live streaming, they have gained new fighting tactics from your social media videos. The bottom line is to add values to them and make them go to Twitch for more.

Personalize your social media, Don’t Automate

Make people feel like a person is inviting them to watch more on Twitch, not a robot or a social media automated scheduler. It’s not that you can’t use the application to schedule your posts; just make sure that your content has a humane touch.

Instead of enabling Twitch to automatically upload invitation posts to your Twitter followers for an upcoming live-streaming event, you can take the responsibility. Manually write the posts and hint at the fun they should be expecting from the upcoming episodes. Personalization will do better than automation.

Treat your social media pages as your resume.

The conduct on your social media pages should be strictly formal and business. Never be tempted to use your channel’s social media accounts to respond to criticism, underrate other channels, or follow all kinds of pages. If you must do any of these, make use of your personal accounts.

The reason for this is that some people and companies do understudy businesses through their social media pages. And bad conduct like those mentioned earlier will keep people away from following your channel, both on social networks and Twitch. Moreover, it could prevent future partnerships and deals.

Add your social media accounts to your Twitch profile.

It’s easier to get more followers on social networks when you start with a good number of followers. So, you should encourage your Twitch followers to follow you on social networks. Aside from mentioning your accounts during videos, you should also have them on your profile. If possible, make them linked and clickable so that it will redirect them to your social media pages. Also, you have them displayed in one corner of your screen during streams.

How to promote your content on social media using paid advertising

Twitch is also concerned by the fact that the platform is not encouraging for new content creators. And for this reason, they’re working on some measures to boost the presence of new streamers on the platform. As of this moment, the Twitch paid promotion campaign is still under testing.

However, new content creators can still utilize solutions on social networks to boost their followers, subsequently increasing the number of subscribers on Twitch. Facebook ads are one of the solutions for content creators. The platform allows businesses to run ads to boost a video on their business page. By doing so, they will have more viewers.

Twitch streamers can also use this to their advantage. You can run an ad to gain more audience for your game content and then encourage them to follow you on Facebook and Twitch. Like Facebook, this solution can also be implemented on other social platforms. You can check out this article to see how to boost your live videos from your Facebook page.


You don’t have to wait for when the situation is favorable before you chase your dreams. As a new streamer, you can gather your viewers and subscribers while waiting on Twitch to come up with a promotional campaign. Take the steps above, and you will get followers for your streaming channel. With consistency, you could be signing a deal soon.

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