Are you looking for a social platform to sell Teenager’s products? Tik Tok might be an excellent choice for your ecommerce business. The rapid growth of the social network over the past few years is incredible and an indication that it could be a good ground for people to grow their businesses.

As we all know, Tik Tok is a video-sharing social network that allows users to make and post 15 seconds videos. Videos could be stringed together to create a lengthier one, and the maximum length for a single post made on the platform is 60 seconds. Users could share a video of a longer duration if it’s from a different source.

Tik Tok is popularly known as Douyin in China. It was created by ByteDance in September 2016 and didn’t become a worldwide social platform until after a year. It gathered over 100 million users in its first year, and now, it has been downloaded over 2 billion times globally within five years.

According to recent records, Tik Tok now has about 1 billion monthly active users, of which approximately 70% of its United States users fall between the age group of 10-39 years old. So, you can see that you are losing a lot if you’re yet to start pushing your business on the platform, especially if your products are for people in the age group.

Tik Tok and Shopify Integration

Integrating your Shopify store with Tik Tok will do your business lots of good. The two would result in a significant sales-generating combo for your ecommerce business. Because, even before their partnership in October 2020, each platform has been experimenting and creating new tools to assist companies in building a working ecommerce strategy.

Tik Tok created a method by which users can add their ecommerce link to their bio. Also, there were rumors some time ago that they were testing the “Shop now” button feature so that brands could add it to their video ads. All these efforts show that Tik Tok was on track to becoming a social ecommerce platform.

The partnership between these two companies has further made things easier for online merchants. Shopify store owners can run, optimize, and manage their Tik Tok marketing campaigns right from their dashboard.

Installing Tik Tok on your Shopify store will open your business to excellent tools such as the Business Ads Manager for creating high conversions Video Ads. Also, you can link your Tik Tok Pixel to track conversions gotten by your marketing efforts on the social platform.

Now, Shopify merchants can even tag products in an Organic Tik Tok.  The tag is linked to their store. And anyone that clicks the tag will be directed to the ecommerce website. Undoubtedly, this Tik Tok and Shopify partnership is a great gain for internet merchants.

Benefits of Integrating Tik Tok with  Shopify

The following are the benefits of connecting your Shopify store with your Tik Tok account.

Expand your customer base

It’s easier to build a customer base on Tik Tok. The social platform is one of the most used in the whole world. Moreover, people readily consume contents that are in video format. So, within a brief period, you could build a solid customer base of loyal followers.

Meanwhile, Tik Tok is favorable to businesses that are new on the platform. You will be surprised by how many followers you could get with a new account if you share valuable content.

Localized Engagement

You will agree that there is no better place to push localized challenges. And this is the reason why musicians, artists, and celebrities use this social network a lot. Your business could also benefit from this. With localized hashtags, you could run successful challenges that will cause people to purchase your products.

Influencer marketing

You can also use local influencers to sell your products and make awareness of your brand. On Tik Tok, there are chances of getting an influencer well respected in your niche with at least 10,000 followers to advertise your products. They could run local marketing that will make your business generate more sales with your community.

Create a reliable channel for your business

You could make more money from your Tik Tok marketing campaign when you implement it like YouTube. Businesses could convert their accounts to a verified marketing channel to promote their products and update their followers about new updates and amazing offers.

Manage your Tik Tok ads from Shopify

Installing the Tik Tok app on your Shopify store will allow you to run your ads and manage them from your Shopify Dashboard. You will have the Tik Tok business Ad manager at your disposal to create high-converting video ads.

Get up-to-date metrics of your Ads

With the aid of the Tik Tok Pixel, you’re just a few clicks away from the metrics of your ads. The tool will regularly update you with the performances of your ads. This tool is designed to track the action and behavior of every person that enters your store from Tik Tok. With this tool, you will be able to know what’s working and adjust.

Free advertising credit

Tik Tok offers $300 free ads credit to all Shopify merchants that connect their store to a new Tik Tok business account. You can use this to start your ads campaign on the social platform. Tik Tok is the best platform to link to your ecommerce store.

Requirements for integrating your Shopify store with your Tik Tok

For the integration to happen, it’s compulsory that you use a Tik Tok for a business account.  It’s straightforward to create. And if you already have a personal account, you could convert it to a business account by following the steps here.

How to Integrate your Shopify store with your Tik Tok Business account

Step 1: Linking to your Tik Tok account

Log in to your Shopify store
On your Admin home page, Tap App on the sidebar menu
In the search box, type in Tik Tok
Click the Original Tik Tok app by Tik Tok Inc
Click Add App, which takes you to the app details page
Hit the Add sales channel button
Then click the Connect button
The new page will have your registered Tik Tok Business account. Tap the connect button to proceed, but if you don’t have a business account or want to use a new one, Click create new. Follow the on-screen instructions and provide them with all the required personal and business information to create the new account. Once that is done, you have successfully linked your store to the Tik Tok ads manager

Step 2: Creating a new pixel

Upon completing step 1, you will be directed to a new page to create a new Tik Tok pixel. But if you’re not, click on Tik Tok below Online store on your Admin sidebar. On this page, Tap create new
Add your payment method
Select the Tik Tok Targeting locations. You’re free to add many
Confirm the new pixel is active on your Tik Tok. To do this, Log in to your Tik Tok business account. Navigate to assets and tap on events. Find the new pixel you just created

Step 3: Run your first Tik Tok Ads

Still in the Tik Tok section of your Shopify store, navigate to settings and click it
Tap Create campaign
Scroll down and select Tik Tok conversion ads
On the new page, select the product you want to promote
In the Ad details section, choose to upload a video you have created or Generate videos using the dynamic instant Tik Tok Video ads creator. Don’t forget to tap the Save button
Type in your ad text. You could do a brief description and add a strong call to action

Choose the gender you want to target in the Targeting You can also be more specific by stating the preferred age group, the behavior to target, locations, video categories, and the period to include action from
Fill in the remaining required fields and set your budget to launch your Tik Tok ads campaign.


Tik Tok is a social network that offers massive sales opportunities to businesses. Integrating your Shopify store into the platform will make the journey easier. Here is your chance to scale your business and make six figures with your ecommerce business. Good luck!

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