There shouldn’t be a barrier to learning – the coronavirus pandemic shouldn’t be a worthy obstruction too. All thanks to technology, it’s no longer necessary for people to confide themselves in a physical building for learning to occur. Nowadays, we can have classes and seminars online through webinars.

However, the effectiveness and impact of online classes on its participants depends on the platform used. The platform has to be that which support teaching, interaction, and sharing of resources and instructional materials. Moreover, it has to be that which helps users simplify the hosting process.

Amidst the numerous webinar platforms in the world, LiveWebinar stands out for its amazing features and the ability to provide a conducive learning environment for users. It’s is packed with lots of benefits, and you are missing out if you have not been making use of it for your online seminars.

Well, it’s not too late to have a change of platform. All you just need to do is to sit tight, grab yourself some refreshments, and read through the article. Moreover, there’s a great deal awaiting you at the end of this review.

What is LiveWebinar?

LiveWebinar is a webinar platform that allows users to hold online meetings, seminars, conferences and presentations. The software is so much equipped to deliver high-quality video streaming and wonderful webinar experience.

With this platform, a person can schedule meetings, invite people, arrange presenters, and take recordings of classes. It also comes with some amazing features such as screen sharing, full meeting room customization, and social media broadcasting. Meanwhile, it performs better than other platforms with its engagement tools.

LiveWebinar is a web-based application, that’s you don’t have to download and install the software on your system or mobile device to access your online meetings. You are ready to go with your mobile and desktop browsers.

Who can use LiveWebinar?

Teachers, students, employees, employers, teams, job applicants, interviewers, health practitioners and the unending list goes on and on. The software is the best for holding online lectures. There is a whiteboard to assist teachers in explaining the subject to the students.

Meanwhile, LiveWebinar can also be used by teams in working together and diffusing ideas. The software gets them covered with its advanced collaboration tools that will enable each of them to share their thoughts about the topic.

This software has never been more useful like during this pandemic period. Business premises are closed down, buying and selling have been taken online, and most employees can only work from their homes. In this case, using text messages and email can be frustrating and will never produce a satisfactory result as watching and speaking to each other over video calls.

Although it was mainly made for holding seminars and large meetings, LiveWebinar can also do well in organizing live interviews. With this software, you can set the interviewers as co-presenters and invite the applicants in one after the other. In fact, there’s a reminder feature to remind the applicants of their interview session.

It may be impossible to go to the gym for fitness and training, but you can still practice at home with your coach via LiveWebinar. And although it’s virtual, the experience will still look alike. The trainer can still pass across instructions, demonstrate, correct postures, and offer tips.

If it can benefit fitness coaches, what about medical doctors, counsellors, therapist, lawyers, and consultants? They can all use LiveWebinar to communicate, collaborate, and relate better with their clients.

What are the features of LiveWebinar?

Here’s the main deal. The section where you will fall in love with this platform. LiveWebinar, as earlier stated, is one powerful software endowed with lots of incredible features. The following are what you stand to enjoy by using LiveWebinar for your online classes and meetings.

  • Best display with HD quality

LiveWebinar gives users the benefit of determining the video quality of their webinars. There are options for full HD, SD, and the normal HD.

So, you can decide to deliver your online presentations in a clearer and sharper Full HD quality or go on the moderate level considering the strength of the internet connection of your guests. Some of them may find themselves in a place with poor internet strength which will mess up the session for them if the host has already selected full HD quality.

You can also set up your desired frame rate. The frame rate is the frequency at which images are displayed on a screen, and it’s usually expressed in frames per seconds. So, this feature is available for those who will like to produce a motion presentation. Another thing that is in your control is the Video Bit-rate. The higher the Bit-rate, the sharper the webinar.

  • Whiteboard

If you can still recollect, you will remember I stressed the need for a teaching and an interactive environment in Webinars and online meeting presentations. And permit me to tell you that LiveWebinar is just like an online classroom. There’s a whiteboard for the use of both teachers and students.

The whiteboard serves as media for the illustration of ideas. Webinar participants can draw, paint, and write on it to communicate better and share their thoughts about a project.

  • Recorder

The recorder feature is very useful in webinars. Hosts should be able to record, save, and share recordings. This feature will make it possible for attendees to have recordings of classes for a further consult, whereas, organizers can share recordings of their previous classes on their websites to get more people to enroll for their next webinar.

LiveWebinar recorder supersedes others, in the sense that, it allows hosts to determine and set the quality of the recording they want to have during their webinars.

  • Large storage capacity

For any package you purchase, LiveWebinar offers a big storage capacity and long recording hours that is enough to handle your meetings and conferences. The cloud-based webinar software can provide hosts with a maximum storage capacity of 1 Gigabyte.

  • Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is the feature that allows you to utilize instructional materials and applications that are not available in the LiveWebinar interface, and also control what part of your screen you want your audience to see.

This feature allows a host to share their computer screen, browser tabs, and window applications that are available on their computer. With it, you can share your PowerPoint presentations to webinar attendees.

  • Meetings reminder

How so cool to have software that will automatically remind registered attendees of meetings in advance. It will save you lots of time required to manually write emails and send it to each of the attendees. What if they are about 150 registered attendees in total?

LiveWebinar provides reminder options of 3 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes before the commencement of the meeting. So, it means it sends messages to the registered participants in any selected option. Besides, you can add more to have two or three reminders at different time intervals.

  • Prezi Presentation

Prezi is a software that enables people to create amazing and captivating presentations. This tool is more like the advanced form of PowerPoint, but produce more beautiful slides. Presenters can easily use Prezi to get their audience attention by bringing their slides into life.

But guess what? You can also share your Prezi presentations to your webinar attendees using LiveWebinar. All you just have to do is to generate a link of the readymade presentation on Prezi and paste it in the space provided by LiveWebinar in the Prezi presentation manager.

  • Full meeting room customization

I have used some Webinar software in the past, but none give users the full branding ability like LiveWebinar. This software allows users to customize everything in the meeting rooms. I meant everything, not just placement of logo and business name.

LiveWebinar actually allows users to create and customize meeting room templates. You can put your logo, change the appearance of the room, select button colors, and remove the “LiveWebinar” brand name. You also have the power to control and change the room layout.

  • Chat translation

Have you ever have a problem with language barriers during Webinars. Probably, there’s a person in the room who can’t relate well with the presenter language. Then, you can use the chat translator to understand such people and also communicate back to them in their language.

  • YouTube and Vimeo player integration

Another plus of using LiveWebinar is the ability to play and share videos from YouTube and Vimeo. With this feature, you can engage your audience better with videos.

  • Live streaming to social media.

Have you ever wish of being able to link you live webinar to your business social media pages? Then, there’s no more cause to which for LiveWebinar has already solved the problem. This software enables the host to transmit their live webinars to followers on Facebook, and subscribers on YouTube and Vimeo.

  • Phone Bridge

How about a feature that allows your customers and business partners call in during live webinars. What kind of impressions do you think this will produce in your audience? It will strengthen their confidence in you. LiveWebinar also enables users to welcome participants with a customized message.

  • Engagement and lead generation tool

Participant’s engagement is made possible and easier with LiveWebinar. There are several means by which you can keep your audience attentive during online classes. Meanwhile, you can also make forms to gather personal information of your webinar participants.

  • Surveys and test

Forms are not only the thing you can create with this software. You can also make polls and surveys to collect your audience view about some questions.

  • Statistics and report

LiveWebinar also provides users with statistics and reports of their webinars, meetings, and Phone Bridge. Meanwhile, these reports are available in the PDF, XLS, and CSV formats.

These are just a few of the features. You can’t get to know them all until you start holding meetings and online seminars on this platform. There are still more to be discovered. I will try to cover more under the pros.

What are the pros of LiveWebinar?

So far, so good, we have been able to see the outstanding features of LiveWebinar. But let’s move forward by seeing those benefits that await you.

  1. You are totally in charge of branding.
  2. You can advertise and invite more people into your webinar by embedding the invitation page on your WordPress website.
  3. LiveWebinar will make your online presentations look professional, and helps in getting good impressions from clients, interviewers, and audience in general.
  4. Online seminars are made easy with LiveWebinar.
  5. It helps the audience get the most out of the online seminars.
  6. It works on many browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, Yandex, Edge, and Vivaldi. All you need is the right version.

What are the cons of LiveWebinar?

The following are the cons of using LiveWebinar. Some of which I noticed myself using the software and others through some other users who reviewed the software.

  • The polls and survey forms don’t blend well with the platform. It kind of cover some other useful features in the meeting room interface.
  • Unlike Vectera, LiveWebinar does not allow hosts to test their video and audio before the presentation.
  • No co-browsing feature like Vectera.
  • No appointment scheduling. The software is strictly made for online seminars and classes.
  • Embedding the invitation page on a website is very technical, and users may need to hire a programmer to do the work.

How much does LiveWebinar cost?

For this kind of software, you must have been expecting hundreds of dollars to get it per month. However, the opposite is the case. LiveWebinar is very cheap compared to what every other person and I expect.

The developers are so magnanimous to the extent that they offer a free subscription plan for people who will like to try things out and familiarize themselves with the environment before they step up for either the Pro or business subscription. However, only a few features are given out for free.

The LiveWebinar software is available for webinar pro at the rate of $14.99 per month, but $11.99 per month for those who will like to pay for a whole year deal. At the same time, the business plan is given out at a rate of $119 per month. However, it comes at $95.20 per month for those who will like to purchase an annual deal.

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