Digital marketing is a marketing system that involves the use of tools. Whether you are running the campaigns all by yourself or hiring freelancers to the job, the use of applications and software is unavoidable.

However, there is nothing so comfortable like being able to manage your business’s digital marketing from one platform/tool. As in, how will it feels if you don’t have to wake up every day to upload posts for all your social media pages- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram?

What about running ads, and tracking results? The most annoying thing is buying different tools for managing each. What if I tell you that there’s one tool through which you can manage your blog, social media profiles, and ads?

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and learn more about Metricool.

What is Metricool?

Metricool is a three-in-one social media tool. This application helps businesses, social media marketers, and bloggers in scheduling posts, measuring their performance, and running ads campaigns on their respective platforms.

Metricool allows users to manage their social media profiles/pages, blogs, and campaigns from one single platform. With all connected, you can schedule posts and view their performance metrics.

Its metric feature is great. Metricool is designed to give users a comprehensive day-to-day breakdown of their digital marketing performance. I guess that’s where its name (Metricool) came from- metrics become cool.

Running ads has never been so easy. Just with a few clicks of your mouse, you can prepare and launch your Facebook and Google adverts. Metricool is indeed a fully packed digital marketing application.

Who can use Metricool?

Metricool is a tool for all that uses social media and blogs for their business activities. Business can streamline their content creation and posting using Metricool. Meanwhile, being able to integrate all social media pages and manage them from one place is a great benefit for business owners.

Ads creation and management is another thing to benefit from Metricool. Businesses don’t have to pay a huge amount of money for the specialist to do it for them. They can easily set things up by themselves, add a budget, and launch it to the internet. Advertising and marketing new products become hassle-free with Metricool.

Social media marketers can’t be grateful enough for this application. This application has helped a lot of them to work efficiently and reduce stress usually encountered in their job. Metricool combines the function of two to three software which helps social media marketers to save a lot of money.

Metricool remains the best social media tool for these marketers. It enables them to run multiple accounts at once so that they can use just one subscription to manage different projects and businesses.

Bloggers and YouTubers can also tap from the amazing benefits of Metricool. They can manage their blog and social media from this single application.

What are the features of Metricool?

As stated earlier, Metricool is a three-in-one application. There is a lot to enjoy. Let’s get to it by looking at the key features of Metricool.

Social media integration

Metricool allows easy and safe integration to your social media accounts. You can have your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter connected to this application in a few clicks of your mouse. The joy of using Metricool is that you can connect up to 50-brands social media accounts- they have a plan to cover that for you.

Ads, GMB and blog integrations

You can also manage your Google My Business profile from Metricool. Running your advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook is much easy with Metricool. Even your websites and blogs can be connected to this platform.

YouTube and other integrations

Metricool is growing every day. And as a result of that, users can now manage their YouTube channels from this application. They have also provided integrations to Twitch, and more are coming on the way.

Content scheduler

Metricool is a wonderful content scheduler- simple to use and easy to understand. Using this application, you can prepare posts, add images, select the social media you want to post on, and even preview on each before posting.

I think the preview feature is a fantastic one. Having a look at your posts before giving it out to your audience will enable you to edit and make necessary corrections. There is also a link Shortener to help you reduce any links included in your post which means that you don’t have to use bitly and the likes. Meanwhile, it’s easier to measure clicks through short links.

As expected, you can specify the time and date of posting. You can also set up a boost for the appropriate social platform. Once all is set, rely on Metricool to do the posting automatically.
However, just like other social media content schedulers I have reviewed, Metricool doesn’t do automatic posting on Instagram. It will send you a link at the set time for you to do the posting yourself.


The autolist section of this application is where you can make a bulk post. In that section, you can set up multiple posts and specify the date and time for each one. Metricool is so cool in that you can perfectly configure your posts in this section. The link Shortener is also available here.

Adding your posts is not difficult. You can write the posts or upload them in CSV format from your computer files.

Post calendar

The Metricool calendar is where you can view all your posts in one view. All your posts will automatically be added to the schedule calendar. The amazing thing about this calendar is that it tells users the best time to post. For every platform you are using, Metricool calendar will indicate the best time to schedule your posts.

Comprehensive performance reports

If you care to have full details of your social media performance? Then, you should get Metricool. Metricool is so cool in this aspect. It will present you with detailed reports of your social media performance in terms of community growth, follower balance, post, and competitors (if added). Each with its graphical representations, metrics, and numbers to indicate your ups and downs.

You can also navigate around the calendar to see the report of the previous day, previous week, and last month. It’s possible to choose a range of days that you want your report to cover.

Customizable and downloadable reports

A comprehensive report is not the only reason to consider this application. Metricool also excels over others in that the reports are customizable and downloadable. You can download for any month, create a special template, insert your company logo, and send it to your client’s email.

Real-time tracking

Preparing your social media articles can become easier and more productive by using Metricool. With this application, you can launch keyword analysis and profile analysis on Twitter and Instagram to know what others are doing to get more followers and clicks. Hashtags monitoring is also possible with Metricool.

The most astonishing thing about this feature is that it will provide you with the accurate performance of your blog or website. With this tool, you can know the numbers of people that are browsing your website at any instant of time.

Metricool will provide you with an analysis that will include the links through which your website is getting most of the traffic and the URL that gets most of the traffic. With that, you will able to improve your website and make plans toward achieving more from your blog.

Multiple profiles/brands

This application is perfectly built for social media marketers. With this tool, they can manage as many social media accounts and clients as possible. Meanwhile, it’s easier to run all the accounts together without muddling things up. The design of the pages is White-label meaning that you can add each brand logo, and change the colors to make it blend with the company.

You can also add teammates to join you on each. And with that, you can assign jobs to people, and ensure that none of the projects is left behind. However, the numbers of brands and teammates depend on your Metricool plan.

Competitors analysis

Metricool enables users to keep track of their competitor’s social media pages without missing out on any changes or improvements. This application will give you a detailed performance of your competitors on Twitter and Facebook.

Metricool competitor analysis tool is so robust that it provides its users with lots of suggestions while typing in their competitor’s name. Meanwhile, you can add as many competitors as possible.

What are the Pros of Metricool?

Metricool is equipped with lots of features and its benefits are numerous. The following are the pros of Metricool.

  • Metricool puts all your social media performance together
  • It simplifies social media and Ads management
  • Social media marketers can use this application to keep lots of clients
  • Metricool is complete, and there’s no need to supplement it with another tool
  • Its analysis and reports are comprehensive and accurate
  • Results can be downloaded and send to clients in the beautiful and easy-to-understand template
  • There are different plans for every business
  • Metricool is not expensive
  • They are developing more tools every day
  • Metricool customer support is reliable

What are the Cons of Metricool?

Metrical has very limited cons. One of which is that it doesn’t do direct posting on Instagram, and it’s a common problem to all social media content scheduler. Another thing that I think should be added to this application is a tool to provide stock images. When that is added, it won’t be hard for users to create posts for their social media profiles.

How much does Metricool cost?

As mentioned above, Metricool offers more than its cost. Aside from the free plan, Metricool has four other premium plans. The least of all the plans is the Pro 5. And with just $18 per month, you can run 5 brands social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc) using the Pro 5 deal.

You can also get this same package for $12 per month if you are paying for a whole year. And if you are a social media marketer that handles many accounts/brands at once. Then, you should go for either Pro 10, Team 15, or Team 25 package. Meanwhile, you can also order for your own custom-made plans from Metricool.

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