No advertising works effectively like those associated with or performed on the internet. People spend hours daily just browsing the internet with Google and social media recording the highest number of daily usages. A study shows that Google processes an average of 8.5 billion searches per day. The most useful fact for businesses is that about 50% of product and service searches begin on Google.

These facts and figures are to open the eyes of business and agency owners to the opportunities they are missing on the internet, Google especially. It’s a big loss for those yet to commence their search engine marketing. And there is always the chance for improvement for those advertising on the internet already.

You can do more with the Google Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. It’s an advertising system in which businesses rank their website pages high on Google for relevant searches. Businesses only pay when the page links are clicked. It’s commonly known as Google ads and can also be implemented by agencies.

Google PPC campaign is a very high-performance advertisement strategy. It promises more clients and hires. You can get the best result by utilizing the following steps:

Know your audience

Agencies need to know their clients for maximum Google ads performance. They can only design a Pay-per-click campaign that targets the right audience when they know their clients’ traits, age group, and financial status.

Audiences vary with agencies, and all can’t have the same audience. People seeking a digital marketing agency differ from those who need a branding agency, though the two fields are closely related. Therefore, it’s a work that requires thorough research and must not be compiled based on assumptions.

A better way to know your audience is by reviewing the data collected from previous clients or businesses you’ve worked with. Through the complaints and issues lodged by these people, you can discover the pains and desires of your audience. Another way is to compile buyer personas for your business. You will have a clearer picture of the people that desperately need your services in the process.

Having all this important information about your audience will help you craft content and keywords that will bring about an outstanding pay-per-click campaign.

Choose the right keywords

Keywords are very important in search engine marketing. These are the words or phrases that Google tracks when collecting results for a search query. The search engine is programmed to pick certain words in search queries and populate results by tracking and ranking pages containing the keywords.

Therefore, pages with the appropriate number of relevant keywords stand the chance of ranking high on the Google search engine result pages. The same principle applies to Google ads. Businesses must bid for the right keywords for their ads to be displayed when people do searches related to their services.

A keyword can either be a broad type or branded. Broad keywords are those words that are relevant to your niche. Something like “creativity agency in California” or “Public relation agency in Florida.” The branded keywords usually contain the name of the brand, like “Premlall Consulting in New Jersey.”

Both work great but serve different purposes. The branded targets people that know your business but can’t remember your site URL. And for this reason, choose to find your business by searching on Google. The broad types attract those that need your services. You must bid for both types of keywords to get the best result.

Add new negative keywords to your campaign

Some keywords will promote your business to the right people, while some will promote to the wrong people. The latter are called negative keywords. They are too generic and won’t do your business any good. For this reason, a business must research these words and keep a list of them. Moreover, it’s necessary to update the list as the campaign grows.

Agencies can get suggestions in their monthly keyword report. Google has made a provision for it so that businesses can improve their campaign performances.


No service company can cover the whole country or the globe. They can only offer their services to the people around their location. For this reason, it’s vital that agencies geo-target to get massive leads and conversions.

With Google, there are many ways to geo-target. Agencies can leverage the Google my business listings, Google local service ads, and the Pay-per-click campaign. You can geo-target with Google ads by using the location ads extensions or bidding for localized keywords. Localized keywords are ranking words that contain your coverage areas or regions.

Regularly update your bid strategy

Your bid strategy is the goal of your advertisement, and like business goals, it changes with time and development stages. In the beginning, maximum clicks might be the aim. However, a time will come when the goal should be upgraded to maximum clicks. Therefore, agencies are expected to watch their bid strategy and update when necessary.

Deciding on which goal to upgrade to might be difficult, and for this reason, Google always gives suggestions in the recommendation area. Agencies should always check this section for the bid strategy recommendations. However, the suggestions aren’t always the best goal; therefore, you should seek the advice of a digital marketing expert.

Develop a converting landing page

A converting landing page is critical. Without it, all other steps explained above are useless. Agencies must perform their best to craft the most converting page. A landing page is the web page where traffic is directed when they click on your Google ads links.

A landing page consists of an attractive, clear, and concise copy. The copy must contain your offers and your terms and condition of services. Beautiful pictures also make a huge difference. Lastly, you must use a call-to-action that instantly motivates people to make decisions.

Measure and analyze metrics

Agencies must set up conversion tracking to get the figures of their ad performances. By analyzing these data, businesses can decide what to improve and what to cut out. It will also reveal the necessary steps to take.


Google ads should be in the mind of every agency’s owner. You can hire us at Premlall Consulting to handle your Google PPC campaign for best performance and maximum conversion. Google ad campaign is our expertise. Contact us today for a consultation. A consultation with us will surely convince you.