PPC is the acronym for Pay-pay-click, a form of advertising that allows businesses to buy top-ranking positions on Search engine result pages (SERPs). Google Ads is an excellent example of a PPC campaign.

The advertising channel is open to all companies, merchants, and service businesses. However, the approach differs by company type. PPC for B2B business is the campaign for businesses that act as an intermediary between two or more companies.

This article is for B2B businesses already into Google ads campaigns but will love to optimize their conversion ability.

Here, I have seven management activities that you must regularly observe to make the most of your Pay-per-click campaign. These are the seven tips for exceptional campaign management.

Setup conversion tracking

Result tracking is essential in every digital marketing campaign. The fun about Google ads is that you don’t have to buy a tool to measure the performance of your adverts. You can always get them in your admin.

However, you need to first set up your conversion tracking. It’s a tool that will help you track data such as phone calls, traffic, and actions on the website and app. You can even import data from Google Analytics or other platforms.

You can find this tool on your Google ads admin’s conversion page on the Tools & setting page. Then choose any of the four options available and follow the on-screen instruction to set up your conversion tracking.

Add new keywords to your campaign

Keywords are the fuel that propels Google ads campaigns. Adding new keywords will boost your PPC campaign’s performance, leading to more clicks and conversions.

Keywords are words, phrases, or groups of words unique to a particular niche, business, or topic used by researchers to make requests on search engines.

B2B businesses can get keywords for their niche by researching or using suggestions in the Google search term reports.

The latter is easier. Google usually include keywords in search term report. Select by clicking those relevant to your niche. Then, hit the link above them to add them as keywords.

The former involves the usage of some special tools. Google Keyword planner is available in your admin’s Tools & Setting section. You can use this tool to generate as many keywords as possible.

The other research method leverages the autocomplete feature of the Google search box. If you have noticed, the box automatically completes search terms for users. Type in a word common to your niche and see the different phrase suggestions it populates.

You can pick the most relevant suggestions and add them as keywords to your campaign.

Include more negative keywords

Do you even know what negative keywords are?

They are those words that will negatively impact the success of your Google ads campaign. Instead of boosting your advertisement, these words will drive the wrong traffic to your website.

A negative keyword could be a too generic keyword or words that are irrelevant to your niche. You can deal with these words by adding them to the negative keyword list.

You can find negative keyword recommendations in the search term report of your PPC campaign. Click each word and add them to the negative keyword list.

By doing this, you’re blocking the wrong traffic from entering your site. Hence, your adverts will only be channeled to the right people who need your service.

Always check the recommendation page

Google cares about the success of its advertisers. They have integrated tools into the system so advertisers don’t stress about getting anything done.

The machine learning technology is another awesome tool added to the system, and it’s in charge of the suggestions and recommendations.

It studies your campaign for a period and then uses your decisions and preferences over this period to prepare wonderful tips and recommendations for your campaign.

These tips can be found on the recommendation page, and they are special for your business advertisement. And it would help if you implemented them.

However, before you do, speak to an expert to know if the recommended action is the right move for your business.

Update bid strategy

The bid strategy is one of those things recommended by the technology. It will sometimes suggest that you upgrade your bid strategy from one to another.

The bid strategy is the same as Google Ads goal. It could be to attract maximum clicks or maximum conversions. There are other smart bidding strategy options.

It’s set to maximum clicks as default at the beginning of your campaign, but as time passes by, Google will notify you of the need for a change. And it will also recommend a new bid strategy to you.

However, in the same manner, as other recommendations, ensure you test the suggested strategy before applying. You can also seek the expertise of a Google ads specialist.

Use a high conversion landing page

The landing page is where your site visitors decide to hire you or not. And it’s that page where Google directs everyone that clicks the ads.

For this reason, all the texts and graphics on the page must be crafted for maximum conversions. An excellent sales copy is a vital component of a good landing page. It must make your offers attractive and better than other companies in the same niche.

Images are also important. Use quality pictures that will draw your visitors’ attention and motivate them to read your copy to the end. Other essential components include bulleted points and call-to-actions.

There’s nothing wrong is hiring a copywriter for this task. It’s for the greater good.

Check quality score

As you’re running your campaign, make it a habit to check your quality score. The quality score is rated 10, indicating your ads’ performance.

You can access your score by clicking “Keywords” in the left menu of your Google admin. Then, click the column icon in the table. The quality score section is under the “Modify columns for keywords.”

The quality score is an aggregate of the landing page experience you provide, your ad relevance, and the expected click-through rate. Improving these three categories will increase your quality score.


You can do more with your Google ads campaign. By following the seven tips above, you will have a taste of what it feels like to optimize the power of your PPC for B2B business campaign. You can even enjoy more by hiring Premlall Consulting to manage your campaign. We are the experts in Google ads and have the best copywriters.