Do you wonder why your clinic isn’t getting many clients even with your PPC campaign? That might be because your Pay-per-click campaign is basic, and improvements are needed. This article will cover six steps to take your Google ads campaign to an exceptional level. A level that your competitors won’t be able to defeat you.

Before we dive deep, wouldn’t it be nice to explain what PPC campaigns are? The pay-per-click campaign is a mode of advertising in which a link to your website, landing page, or product page is ranked on top of Google search engine result pages for related queries. And you pay a small amount only when the link is clicked.

You must have seen them before. Ads are usually ranked first for every search and identified by the Google ads label. Google ads use the pay-per-click model. And it could be your door opener to more patients and conversions.

PPC campaign leverage on keywords. These keywords are phrases your potential patients will type into the search box when they need your service. Therefore, it can be used by all kinds of businesses, including those in the health sector. However, the problem is that this method has become saturated and requires more effort from the company to produce the desired result.

Regardless of your clinic type, whether it’s sexual health, mental health, or dental health, the following are tips for making your PPC campaign exceptional.

Know your audience and their search intents

The first step to a perfect PPC campaign is to know your audience. You need to be able to describe your potential patient and know everything about them, including their age, financial status, occupation, and problems. What’s that health issue that keeps them awake at night? This information will help you create a PPC campaign that targets the right audience.

Aside from your audience personas, you need to know their search intents. The search intents are the words they are likely to enter into the Google search box whenever they need your services. It could be “hair clinic near me” for someone that wants to know why their hair keeps falling and possible treatments.

Knowing these search words would help you decide on the keywords to bid on. Now, the problem is figuring out these words? There’s no need to bother yourself about it as there are tools built for the task. One of them is the free Google keyword planner. You can also get more suggestions by checking the keyword report of your Google ads campaign.

Use Geo-targeting

Clinic services are usually performed within a medical facility, unlike other consulting businesses that could meet clients in their homes or offices. Therefore, they have a very limited coverage area and must ensure that they do their best to attract all potential clients very close to them. To do this, they must implement geo-targeting.

Clinics can geo-target using keywords. Phrases like “primary health clinic in Los Angeles” or “family planning clinic in San Diego” will help you attract people within your locality.

Enable ad extension

Your clinic stands more chance of getting more clients when your ads are rich with information. And you can make that happen with ad extensions. Google ads offer many extensions to add more links, callout messages, snippets, phone numbers, and locations to your ads.

Using the location extension, you can add multiple addresses to your clinics. Ads extension will help you attract more patients because people prefer going for the option that provides them with enough information. This is one of the ways you can outperform your competitors.

Optimize your landing pages

As you enrich your Google ads, it’s crucial to optimize your landing pages. The ads will do the attraction, but the conversions and sales happen on the landing pages. Your landing pages must be concise, stunning, and catchy. Ensure that your call-to-action demands urgency and that your images are beautiful to the eyes. The use of bullets is very important, and your copy must be very persuasive. You must design to capture, inform and convert.

Use responsive and mobile-friendly ads

Responsive ads are special ads that can fit into any display network space. Whether the space is big, small, or tiny, a responsive ad will adjust to fit as long as the website supports Google ads display. The responsive ads pass across your business’s identity, including your logo, service description, headlines, and images.

When designing your Google ads, you must make sure they are mobile-friendly. Most people research the internet using mobile devices. Therefore, you must ensure that your ads display well on mobile devices to attract many patients to your clinic.

Conduct regular PPC audits

How can you rate the performance of your campaign without a regular audit? No way! You must ensure that your conversion tracking is set up and that you’re getting performance reports. Only through these records can you know what’s working and what’s not. Try your best to find the reasons for more conversions and otherwise.


Following the tips explained above will enhance your PPC campaign to an exceptional level. However, you can make it better by hiring Premlall Consulting as your PPC manager. We already have the keywords to make your clinic excel. Our staffs are on standby every day to notice any change in the Google algorithm so that we never stop ranking businesses high on Google SERPs.

Get in touch with us today for an outstanding Pay-per-click campaign for your clinic.