Do you want to make more sales online? Google ads could be the next marketing opportunity for you. Most significantly, for merchants that sell their products online.

Ecommerce merchants should never run out of advertising strategies. They should constantly seek and experiment with new ways by which they could track and attract new customers online. Google Ads is currently one of the powerful marketing tools for ecommerce merchants.

Pay-per-click campaigns help merchants drive traffic to their online stores. Many have realized great success in their ecommerce business because they invested in Pay-per-clicked campaigns for advertisement.

It’s a system of advertising in which marketers advertise on the Google search engine pages and only pay when people click on their ads.

Many ecommerce merchants are already involved in it and are crushing it. They can do more through effective management.

In this blog, I will reveal eight campaign management tips for leveling up your Google ads campaigns. Implementing these tips will improve your store’s sales and conversions.

Setup Conversion Tracking

In preparation for the new changes that will hit your store and marketing campaign, it would be nice of you to set up tools and parameters for measuring results.

By this, you will know if we’re actually bringing some changes to your website or otherwise. Also, you will be able to pinpoint what’s working and those that are not.

You should already have your conversion tracking up since you’ve started the campaign, but if not, it’s not too late. The tool is located on the conversions page of your Google Ads account.

Just hit the blue button on the page to get started. A new page to come up that contains conversion tracking options. You can either choose to track website actions, app performances, phone call tracking, or import data from Google analytics.

Add new negative keywords

You must have wondered why you get massive traffic through your campaign but less conversion. Well, one of the possible causes of this is ranking for negative keywords.

Negative keywords will bring many people to your websites, but the wrong people. By wrong, I mean people who don’t need your product because you’re ranking for the wrong keywords.

To end this, you must figure out these words and add them to a list provided by Google called the negative keyword list.

Every word added to this list won’t be ranked in your campaign and will no longer bring in the wrong traffic. Negative comments are always suggested in the search terms reports of the Google Ads campaign.

Therefore, it’s essential that you constantly check your reports. And when you do, click on each word suggested and add them to the negative keyword list.

Always check your recommendation page

The recommendation page usually suggests many tips and tactics for effective campaign management. Therefore, merchants must check and apply the recommendations on the page.

However, it’s essential to check and test the recommendations before application. It’s not every recommendation that will favor your business.

Before applying, test or speak with a digital marketing expert for advice, but all the same, a successful Google Ads uses the recommendation section.

Ecommerce merchants stand to improve their optimization score weekly with tips from this page.

Find new keywords

Keywords are essential elements of Google Ads. That ingredient keeps the campaign flames burning and strongly determines the campaign’s influence.

For effective campaign management, ecommerce merchants must continually add more new keywords. They can obtain keywords through keyword research.

Tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush can be of help here. And you can also get keyword suggestions from your campaign’s search term report.

When choosing keywords, try as much as possible to avoid generic words also known as negative keywords. Choose words that are specific to your niche and business.

Update bid strategy

Bid strategy is another thing to not joke about in a PPC campaign. It’s that goal that gives your advertisement direction. It could be to get maximum clicks or maximum conversions.

At the beginning of your campaign, the bid strategy is usually set to default to get maximum clicks. However, with time, Google will recommend that you change to a smart bidding strategy.

Like other recommendations, make sure you test things out before applying them to your campaign. Google might suggest it, but it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for your business.

For this reason, I advise that you seek expert advice before changing your bid strategy.

Use Ads extensions

You can further optimize your ads by adding extra information besides basic requirements. Extra details like more site links, price, phone numbers, and affiliate locations could help you win the hearts of product researchers.

And all this extra information can be added by leveraging Google Ads extensions. Presently, there are ten ad extensions, and about eight are suitable for ecommerce businesses.

People often like to patronize businesses that give the best description. Therefore, this could be a solution for winning the vying competition in your niche.

Do competitor analysis

As you’re improving your marketing strategy, you should also keep a close eye on your competitors. You should constantly run a competitor analysis in your niche to figure out what other things your competitors are doing to get more sales.

Competitor analysis is more straightforward with digital marketing. You can always spy on your competitors without crossing boundaries with some tools. An example of that is the SERanking tool.

This tool is specially designed for running competitor research on Google ads campaigns. With it, you can see the words your competitors are bidding on and the amount they spend on their Google ads campaign.

Constantly monitor your quality score

One of the parameters for measuring PPC campaign progress is the quality score. It shows the performance of your keywords.

The quality score has a maximum of 10. You can get a better quality score by improving your campaign’s expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.

A good quality score is an indication of effective campaign management.


Google Ads converts massively when your campaign is effectively managed. Ensure you follow all these tips to get the best result. Meanwhile, you can even get these results without stress by hiring Premlall Consulting. We run the best PPC campaigns. Contact us today to get ahead of your competitors in this ecommerce business.