A pay-per-click campaign is a paid search engine marketing technique in which businesses are allowed to advertise in the top positions of search engine result pages. The common form of PPC campaign is Google ads.

Today, it takes more than opening and launching a PPC campaign for your healthcare agency business to win. It would be best if you had a one-in-a-million campaign management technique to gain more customers in the presence of this vying competition.

For this reason, I have seven tips for outstanding PPC campaign management in this article. Each one is crucial. Ensure you follow them for a fantastic result.

Know your audiences

If you have already launched a campaign and you don’t have a clear picture of who your audience is, you’re doing it the wrong way. However, please don’t panic. It’s not too late to get back on track.

Unlike newspaper ads and television adverts, Google Ads is designed to target specific groups of people for maximum return on investment.

You can find your target audience using different techniques. The data on your business buyer’s persona is an excellent place to start from. You can also go further by reviewing past clients’ details. You can know your audience’s financial status and desires from these data.

Another method is to use the Google Analytics tools. The tool will assist you in tracking and analyzing your website traffic. You can determine your audience demographics from its report, including age, location, desires, and pains.

There is a feature in Google ads called ad group, and it allows users to target a particular demographic. You can create different ad groups for different demographics.

Setup conversion tracking

Conversion tracking is another tool on Google ads for boosting your PPC campaign performances. It enables you to track phone calls and actions taken by visitors on your platforms, whether your business app or website. You can also upload data from Google Analytics to track leads.

The conversion tracking setup is located on the Tools & Settings page. The page has four conversion tracking options. Choose the most suitable option for your business and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the conversion tracking.

With it, you can now see the influence of your Google ads campaign on your business and adjust to get better results.

Find new keywords

Parts of knowing your audience includes learning their search intents. This information will help you know how your potential clients are searching for healthcare agencies on the internet. Also, it will reveal their search terms and keywords.

Keywords are those words, phrases, or groups of words that people insert in their search terms when requesting a search engine. They are the exact words that the search engine tracks to populate relevant website pages for users.

Adding these keywords to your ads will make them reach many potential patients. You can figure them out using Google keyword planner, a tool available on Google ads. Another method is leveraging the autocomplete feature of the Google search box.

Enter your healthcare services into the search box and note all search terms suggestions. Pick the most relevant search terms and add them to your campaign.

You can also get more keywords in the Google ads search terms report. This method is straightforward because you can add the keywords to your campaign from the report.

It’s good you know that there are negative keywords. These words will negatively impact your campaign performance. They will promote your business to the wrong audience.

You can deal with them by adding them to the negative keyword list. The keywords are usually listed in the search term report. Select each word and add them to the list.

By doing this, your ads will only bring potential clients and patients to your website.

Use Dynamic search ads and Responsive ads

Dynamic ads are adverts that change with users, ensuring they get the most suitable ads for their search terms. Dynamic search ensures that a Google user searching for tooth whitening service gets your whitening service ads, not the tooth reshaping service ads.

So, it automatically changes to fit their needs. Dynamic ads are a special Google ads service open to healthcare agencies. However, to work efficiently, you must ensure that you have a content-rich website with each service on a different page.

Then, you can go ahead with dynamic ads. It’s very useful because they ensure that all your services are promoted to prospective patients on Google.

Responsive ads are those search engine adverts that can fit into any space on the web pages. It automatically shapeshifts itself to fit into even the smallest room available for any mobile device and computer.

Check recommendations

Google is ready to help you through your campaigns and has a whole page for recommendations. On this page, they drop suggestions and tips that will help you get the best result from your Google ads campaign.

These recommendations are suggested by the machine learning tool integrated into the system. This machine learning studies your campaign for some time and offers valuable tips based on your previous choices and preferences.

Update your bidding strategy

Bidding strategy is one of Google’s regular recommendations. It’s a way of channeling your campaign to focus on a goal. The goal could be to get maximum clicks or maximum conversion. There are others like the smart bidding strategy and the automated bidding strategy.

The bidding strategy is set to maximum clicks as default at the start of the campaign. But after a while, Google will suggest an update. But before applying it, test it or speak with a Google ads expert because it’s not always the best choice.

Research your competition

The above six steps will set you up on an exceptional campaign management level. But this particular one will help you maintain the new level. Constantly watching your competitors will help you stay in the loop and develop new strategies.

Some tools can be of assistance here. The Google Auction Insight will reveal it if your competitors are bidding the exact keywords as you. Also, the SERanking will give you a comprehensive insight into your competitor’s Google ads campaign.


Those are the seven tips for improving your Google ads campaign. You can also hire Premlall Consulting for our excellent Google ads services.