One of the people’s biggest mistakes when seeking a loan is doing it without consulting a loan broker. Many have bagged the bad deals in the past because they chose to work with the lenders directly. However, nowadays, people are beginning to understand the need for a loan or mortgage broker, and the search for an expert in the field is high.

Google is where most of the search occurs. Many enter queries like “best loan broker in Brooklyn” and “cheap mortgage broker in Manhattan” to find an expert that will get them the best loan deals. Therefore, every professional loan broker must have a solid online presence to get streams of clients. And they could attract more by using the Google Pay-per-click campaign.

You can present your brand before people looking for a loan solution with Google ads. It works by buying your business a top position on Google search engine result pages. Google users don’t care about the website ranked in the middle and bottom of the result pages. They usually go for the first five links, most of which are Google ads.

Google ads are very effective but can be made to perform better. These are the seven tips for making the best out of your Pay-per-click campaign.

Create custom audience

Your custom audiences are those interested in dealing with your business and, in this case, the borrowers. From the data collected while working with some, you should be able to create an avatar for your potential clients. It’s a diagram that indicates their age group, common traits, financial status, and occupation. You should be able to draft for both individuals and businesses.

This will help you develop a Pay-per-click campaign that targets the right audience. You will only be after people who need your help and not all internet users.

Add new keywords to your campaign

Adding more keywords to your campaign creates the same effect as adding more firewood to a fire. The campaign will become more effective and reach a larger audience. Keywords are words or groups that the Google algorithm tracks when a search is done. It quickly crawls through web pages and ranks pages that contain the keywords –ads first followed by the SEO optimized pages.

Therefore, keywords should be taken seriously. Loan brokers should acquire robust and high-performance keywords, even if that means subscribing to keyword research tools like Moz and Semrush. And there’s the free Google keyword planner. You can also get more in the recommendation area of your Google ads admin.

Add more negative keywords

Some keywords will improve the visibility of your Google ads, while some will render them useless. These words or phrases are known as negative keywords. They are too generic and would rank your ads for irrelevant searches. You must figure out the keywords and add them to the negative list to prevent this. Also, Google has suggestions for your monthly keyword research. Do well to gather the suggestions and add them to the negative keyword list.

Use ads extensions

Ads extensions are tools for adding more information to your ads. You can use them to add multiple office addresses, URLs of other pages on your website, or download link to your app. Currently, Google offers ten unique ad extensions to businesses and advertisers. Using them will assist in attracting more clients than your competitors as people usually click on the ads with more information.

Regularly update your bid strategy

Loan brokers should regularly update their bid strategy for optimum results. The bid strategy is the goal of your PPC campaign. It could be maximum clicks, maximum conversions, or maximum sales. The selected bid strategy aid Google in determining the right move to achieve your goal.

However, it could be a bit challenging for businesses to choose the correct bid strategy at a given. And for this reason, Google has integrated machine learning into the system, and it suggests a bid strategy to businesses, including loan brokers. Ensure you check the recommendation area regularly for a suggested bid strategy. It plays a significant role in the success of your Google ads campaign.

Upgrade your landing page

As you’re upgrading your Google ads, it’s also essential that you put things in order on your website, especially the landing page. The landing page is the page on your website where traffic received through your ads is directed. It’s the place where the conversion happens.

A good landing page contains beautiful images, concise texts describing your business and offers, and a call-to-action that command urgency. Ensure that all points are wrapped with bullets so that they can know your offerings at a glance.

Measure and analyze metrics

Metrics will guide you on what decisions or corrections to make to further improve your ads for maximum return on investment (R0I). Therefore, ensure you set up your conversion tracking at the beginning of the campaign to get regular reports and updates about your PPC campaign. Analyze these reports and come up with strategic moves.


What is keeping you waiting? Implement these seven tips today to improve the performance of your PPC campaign. And if you’re yet to have one, you can hire Premlall consulting for the job. We’re experts in the Google ads campaign and will ensure that your brand gets the most clients in the niche.