If you’re looking for ways to promote your professional business digitally, Google is the platform for you. The Search engine giant has designed several solutions through which small and big companies can gain more customers and make more sales.

Google my business listing has helped many businesses to generate new leads. Professional agencies have used it to rank high on Google SERPs for relevant searches. The Google Local Service ads is another incredible promotional tool for service business. Professional companies are assigned a Google badge that proves their authenticity and reliability on registering for the Local Service Ads.

Even with all these, Google extended its massive and high-performance Pay-per-click campaign to professional businesses. The pay-per-click campaign, usually referred to as the Google ads, is an advertisement in which companies pay to rank high on search engine result pages for relevant searches. They’ll bid for some keywords and pay when their ads are clicked.

Businesses have been using this campaign for quite some years and have generated many clients. However, it does not become a client-generating machine until you put some things in order. Below are seven tips for exceptional Pay-per-click campaign management.

Understand your clients and their search intents

Professional businesses must clearly understand their clients. Who are they? What financial status do they belong to in society? Is there a particular age group for your clients? What traits do they have in common? These are the questions to ask to draft a comprehensive and accurate client persona.

Answers to these questions would help you create a campaign that targets the right audience. Another important element is their search intents. You need to know the words and phrases they always use when needing your services. Through this, you’ll be able to gather many quality keywords and make the right biddings.

Add new keywords to your campaign.

In a Google ads campaign, your keywords are your leveraging power. By adding more, you can expand your campaign and make it reach a larger audience. The right keywords will also ensure that your campaign target the right persons. A business must utilize both the broad-type and the brand-type keywords to attain an exceptional pay-per-click campaign level.

The broad type is the keywords that all brands in a particular niche could use. They are broad because they contain no brand name. Examples are “home cleaning service in New York” or “carpet cleaning company in Newark.” It usually includes the service needed by the researcher. This kind will help you attracts many clients looking for a professional company to cater to their needs.

The other type is used to attract people that specifically want your brand to handle a task. These keywords usually contain the brand name. An example is “Premlall home cleaning company.” Anyone who uses this as the search query wants to deal with your business directly.

They could be returning clients or people that have heard your business reviews. Do well to target them with branded keywords because you can easily convert them.

Add new negative Keywords

You can improve the performance of your PPC campaign by regularly updating your negative keyword list. It’s a list that contains all the words or phrases that would rank your ads for irrelevant searches. These keywords would rank you before the wrong audience instead of presenting your business before a potential client.

They are considered harmful because they are too generic and won’t do your business any good. Let’s say you run a social media marketing business that helps businesses to manage their social media presence. A keyword containing the word “digital marketing” could be considered negative because it would attract business that wants SEO services.

To prevent your ads from ranking for these words, you must add more negative keywords to your campaign. You can get suggestions in your keyword reports.

Perform geo-targeting

Geo-targeting is the act of ranking for relevant search queries made within your reach or within the areas covered by your business. There are many ways to geo-target using Google tools, one of them is bidding for keywords that contain your location. An example is a house cleaning service in New Jersey. These keywords will help prevent ranking for other states in the country and present your business before people nearby.

Use ads extensions

Going basic with your campaign, you wouldn’t have many things to leverage. Maybe some pictures, keywords, and other information necessary for setting up Google ads. However, you can further optimize your campaign with ad extensions by providing extra information about your brand and services.

There is an ad extension for locations that enable businesses to add their multiple office addresses. You can also utilize the link extension to add more website page URLs. And many more to bring more traffic to your landing pages.

Optimize your landing pages

The landing page is that page on your site on which everyone that clicks your ads is directed. As a professional service, you would probably want to use your service page as your landing page. However, it would help to do more work on your service page to make it a high converting landing page.

A landing page must contain attractive pictures. The copy must be engaging and educating, clearly highlighting all your service offers. It must have a call to action that demands the reader make a decision immediately. We advise you to hire a professional copywriter to craft one for your brand. It’s very vital for the success of your PPC campaign.

Measure and analyze metrics

Your campaign can only get better with time when you measure and analyze your metrics. Therefore, you must set up conversion tracking at the beginning of your campaign to track ad performances. Make sure you check reports for suggestions that could make your ads perform more excellently.


Are you busy and have no time for managing your Google ads campaign? Would you prefer that a professional digital agency set up and handle your Pay-per-click campaigns for optimum performance? If yes, Premlall consulting is here for you. We will help you develop converting ads that will bring you more clients than you can ever imagine. Contact us today to get ahead of your competitors.