CHARLESTON and LONDON, Jan 19, 2021 — Premlall Consulting joins Google Partners as part of its journey in developing a deeper strategic bond with Google.

Premlall Consulting announced today that they have become one of the prestigious companies to join the Google Partner program and awarded the Google Partners badge, an exclusive program that recognizes companies for having the Google Ads skills and expertise to optimize campaigns and help clients get results.

The Google Partners program is active in over 60 countries and is available in 43 languages. The Google Partners program offers three tiers of participation—Members, Partners, and Premier Partners—each with its own comprehensive set of benefits and opportunities. Benefits cover three key areas: Education & Insights, Access & Support, and Recognition & Rewards.

“Having become an official Google partner after achieving the performance, spend and certifications on all aspects of Google advertising, we have been recognized as experts in our field. This status is testament to our company building smart online strategies that align with our client’s business goals and helping them get the best return on their investment,” said Anil Premlall, CEO of Premlall Consulting. Adina Hutanu, President of Premlall Consulting said “We want to assure our clients that they are working with experts that have the latest Google Ads product knowledge to set up and run campaigns effectively so that they can stay focused on running their business. We will be able to achieve more together and drive long term success that will benefit both parties.”

About Google

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google makes life easier with a little help from their products such as Google Ads and committed to significantly improving the lives of as many people as possible. Enabling people to use technology to benefit others.

About Google Partners

The Google Partners program was launched in 2013 to provide Partners with the tools, resources, and support to enable them to grow so they can help advertisers succeed. Google Partners is a marketing program for advertising agencies or third-parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses.

About Premlall Consulting

The desire to create a company with the passion to empower smaller businesses worldwide is the foundation of Premlall Consulting. With Premlall Consulting, business owners and staff alike can feel confident knowing that their company is being cared for. We view challenges as an opportunity for growth and recognize the priorities of growing businesses. Our progressive and down-to-earth approach garners an affable interpersonal relationship amongst clients to ensure that they feel at ease and not intimidated.

Strategically based in Charleston, US and London, UK, we are able to provide global project management solutions by using effective methodologies. This means that location is not an issue. Premlall Consulting is designed to be easily accessible to all clients, ensuring small businesses worldwide can receive the same high-end tools and resources as their competitors. Think of Premlall Consulting as your springboard for success. You have already done the hard work, now find out how to take your business to the next level!

You can find Premlall Consulting in the Google Partners directory: