Social media platforms are where to target when you need buyers for your business. And it is also the right place for advertisement and brand awareness. However, its benefits can only be tapped into with a considerable amount of work.

You, as a business owner or social media marketer, need to update your followers with amazing contents regularly. And when I said regularly, I meant, if possible every day. So, how do you keep up with your content schedule without affecting other aspects of your business?

The most challenging thing is getting followers or people to view your post. You and I know how we quickly get through our social media unending feeds by just scrolling down. We can quickly scroll through 100 posts in a matter of a few minutes. But we only like, or probably comment on those that grab our attention with either an interesting video or an eye-catching image.

Now you see for yourself the need for a content scheduler and a post creator. In the past, getting these two things done will cost you the purchase of two or more applications. Maybe Buffer for content scheduling and Canva for stock images. However, everything got changed with PromoRepublic, a piece of software that can serve as both content scheduler and graphics provider.

What is PromoRepublic?

PromoRepublic is a content scheduler tool that automatically uploads preset posts on social media platforms, and also offers users with lots of images to edit, design and upload on their social media page.

This application is a complete social media solution for businesses. It can be connected to your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Meanwhile, you can also connect it to your Google My Business (GMB) profile. Imagine waking up one day and knowing that all your pages on these social platforms have been updated with fresh contents early in the morning.

PromoRepublic is also a place to get stock images. You have over 7500+ templates to select from every day to engage your viewers on social media. Meanwhile, there are special images made for holidays, sports event, trendy topics, celebrity lifestyles, and those to celebrate a particular day in history.

The application is also equipped with a graphic editing tool, which helps in putting your ideas into the prepared images. It allows you to edit, customize, and change the text on the images to carry your message and also portray your business identity.

There’s a lot more to this wonderful piece of software. It does not only give graphic ideas but also articles to engage, educate, and enlighten your social media followers. Do you still want to know more about this application? If yes, read on to learn more.

Who can use PromoRepublic?

Everyone in the business can use PromoRepublic. Whether it’s a small or large scale business, since you are making use of social media for your advertisement, you are suitable for PromoRepublic.

The application offers post ideas for any business niche you can think of, including health, fitness, weight loss, and those in the contracting businesses. PromoRepublic is also a nice piece of software for coaches and motivational speakers. People in this kind of profession can get daily motivational quotes to grow their audience on social platforms.

PromoRepublic is a great tool for social media marketers and digital marketers. You don’t have to give out most of your profits to graphic designers to get images for your client’s business. Just one-time payment for an excellent PromoRepublic package will qualify you for daily 150 images idea. Isn’t that huge? You can handle 50 clients per day by posting three for each.

How come I almost forgot influencers? You can now be an influencer without no knowledge of graphic design, and you don’t need to hire one. PromoRepublic got you covered for your posts.

What are the features of PromoRepublic?

Everything mentioned above is just a glimpse of all you can enjoy from PromoRepublic. Now, let’s get into details by looking into the features of this application.

Thousands of free stock images and templates

Even if you don’t enjoy any other thing from this application, this single feature makes it worthy of investment. You will agree with me that it is not easy to come by a library of over 100,000 stock images and 7500 posts templates on the internet. And if you’re lucky to find one, it comes at expensive prices. Meanwhile, PromoRepublic is offering all at a steal cost.

These images and templates are of high quality and very engaging. They are what you need to stop your audience from scrolling over your business pages. The templates are available for different niches, so all you just need to do is to browse through the categories or do a quick search to find ideas that are related to your niche.

Do you know the most interesting part of this feature? PromoRepublic is updated with newer templates and image ideas every single day. So you are never going to run out of ideas, or get bored of ancient models.

Graphic editor

The graphic editor is superb. It’s added so that you can edit, brand, and avoid using the same images as other users. So with this easy-to-use tool, you can customize any chosen idea for uniqueness. Using this tool is very straight forward, and it is linked to your computer files so that you can add your logo and any other item that will make the image more educative.

You can also edit the text on these pictures. The tool will allow you to rewrite texts, change text font size, change text color, and you also change the image background. This particular feature makes PromoRepublic fun.

Another fantastic thing about this tool is that it caters for the size of the template. Anyone that’s very familiar with social media will know that each of them has their photo’s dimensions. Just in the top left of the graphic editor page, you will see a portion where you can specify the platform on which you want to upload the image.

Unlimited social media post ideas.

There are times for everything. Times to post images and times to use articles. However, you don’t have to hire a freelancer to write your social media contents. You can get some on PromoRepublic. These are contents that are written by professional content managers. So, you can count on their optimization and accuracy.

Just like the image ideas, these articles are also updated daily, and available on different topics. These articles are searched the same way as the images; you either select a category or search for your niche in the post idea page. They are suggested below the images results. So you can get pictures and articles for your posts on the same page.

Post scheduling tool

On the same page where you edit you will see options for download, save and use. The download option will save the post in your computer storage while saving it will keep it on your account. But clicking on the “use” button will take you to your scheduling page where you can add the post to a queue, arrange a scheduled date, or publish it at that moment.

The “add to queue” option will put that post in a condition for PromoRepublic to decide when to post it on your social platforms. The “arrange a scheduled date” option, on the other hand, is that in which you will set the date and time for posting. You will also be allowed to repeat that post and also set an expiration date on which the post will no longer be active on PromoRepublic.

Event calendar

The event calendar is a wonderful feature. It displays all scheduled post and ideas. And from which you can view days with and without schedules. The fantastic thing about this calendar is that you can arrange and edit posts from it without having to go back to the post ideas section.

This calendar also bears an “upcoming event”, and it’s the portion where you see upcoming events, holidays, festivals, sports, and celebrations. So, you can easily see events that relate to your business and schedule a post for each one.

Meanwhile on this same calendar is the timeslot settings. You remember I explain something about automatic posting for the “add to queue” section in the post scheduling tool. The automated posting is configured in the timeslot setting, and can also be changed there. If you select automatic, then you are leaving the work for their autopilot, but you will have to set timeslots if you agreed to manual posting.


Here’s the feature that makes this application the best for social media marketers. The workspace feature allows marketers to create a specific workroom for each of their clients. Through which you can later invite in the clients and other teammates to work on the project.

This feature can be accessed in the top right corner of your PromoRepublic dashboard; just drop down the cursor to open a window. On the window, you will see the “create a workspace” button. In there, you will be able to specify the workspace name, industry category, and add the client company’s logo.

Moving on, you will get to a stage where you can add collaborators and the company’s social media pages to the workspace. The maximum number of collaborators for a workspace is five.


Collaboration is strengthened with PromoRepublic. Having extra four people working together with you on the same project will definitely result in something amazing. Moreover, it gives clients the chance to review a post before it’s uploaded on their social media page.


PromoRepublic featured an analytic tool that provides you with a comprehensive report of your posts. It presents the results in terms of views, organic views, advertising views, clicks, visits, comment and shares. This result will enable you to note what’s working, and what makes a post receive lots of engagement.

They have just added a new feature that enables users to edit and repost successful content with just a few click of the mouse.

Intelligent Ads

PromoRepublic also provides users with intelligent ads that will help them reach more social media users and gather lots of followers. These ads will be directed towards those that are interested in your niche. Therefore, you are assured of high conversion rates.

What are the pros of PromoRepublic?

The following are the pros of this application;

  • Content scheduling is made easier
  • Massive library of customizable templates
  • Its graphic editor is straightforward to use
  • There is a mobile application to manage social media pages from anywhere
  • Sharing of ideas between clients and marketers is possible with the collaborative feature
  • Very affordable
  • It can bring about more conversion and sales

What are the cons of PromoRepublic?

The cons of PromoRepublic includes;

  • Not so powerful statistic tool unlike Buffer
  • There’s no direct posting for Instagram
  • There’s still a need for improvement on the mobile app

How much does PromoRepublic cost?

Presently, PromoRepublic comes in two packages- standard and professional. The standard package is priced at $49 per month for the monthly payment and $39 per month for an annual fee. As for the professional package, $99 per month for monthly payment, and $79 per month for yearly payment.

It may seem costly. But for those who know the value in those packages, they come at nothing but a steal rate. Getting these features by combining two or three applications will cost you over $1500 annually.

You can get access to this application at a lower price by buying through Appsumo. Appsumo is giving out PromoRepublic at a more affordable annual rate of $49 one time. Do you notice the vast difference? And with it, you are eligible for all updates, and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. Click here, to learn more about this Appsumo deal.


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