Human health is just one of the things that are affected by the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. Its effect has in so many ways affect every phase of human life. Most of the countries affected are suffering from an economic crisis, the world stock market is down, companies are closed down, and lots of people have lost their job. Meanwhile, there is no sign that the situation is getting better with the way more people are getting infected worldwide. And none can predict when this whole lockdown thing will come to an end.

Although, the government is trying to alleviate the condition by providing citizens with reliefs, money, and taking care of most of our bills. However, we need to think of the long-term effect of this virus and what will happen when the pandemic finally comes to an end. Will everybody get back to their job? Will all companies survive this crisis? Nobody can ascertain the fact that all will get their job back, and no one is 100% sure that all companies will survive this pandemic. For these reasons, I have decided to train people on how to make money online from their homes during this crisis and even after.

Going online is the best way to deal with this situation, and the performance of some internet platform has proven that idea to be correct. For example, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon realized an increase of $24 billion to his net-worth, while Zoom (videoconferencing app) rapidly increases its worth to $40 billion. And the likes of Whatsapp and Facebook have recorded double usage of their video calls feature- all within two months this crisis. With this result, I guess going online is the guaranteed way of making money during this pandemic. And who can tell? Some may eventually build an online business very soon.

The following are the digital marketing niches you should explore doing this lockdown. And you can depend on this blog to take you through the whole process.

1. Freelancing

You might probably be a writer, graphics designer, business consultant, or website designer before this pandemic. But don’t ever panic, you can still keep your skills sharp, and make money while enjoying this lockdown. All you have to do is to become a freelancer. Freelancing is defined as the job in which you offer your skills to clients to get paid without being employed by an organization. Meanwhile, working as a freelancer does not require any special resources. With a smartphone or a laptop and a good internet connection, you are good to go. And to your surprise, you can end making more money than your salary.

2. Blogging

As an internet user, you must have heard about blogging. And I also think it’s time you give it a trial. One thing I know for sure is that you have a passion for something, and there is something you love talking about. Then, why can’t you bring it to the internet? Moreover, this lockdown will provide you with enough time to set up your blog. With sufficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills that will be taught later in this series, you will be able to rank your website high on Google and get enough traffic to monetize your blog. And as for business owners, blogging can be that missing ingredient in your marketing strategy.

3. Affiliate marketing

I intentionally place this one next to blogging because they usually go together. Most bloggers are affiliate marketers. And among all the ways of monetizing a blog, affiliate marketing promises huge income. Affiliate marketing is the online business in which you get a commission by convincing internet users to take some actions or buy a product through your referral link. It is usually connected to blogging because having a blog will help you grow the audience. It will help you gather people who are interested in your niche and serve as a medium for advertisement. However, it is not compulsory to be a blogger before you can affiliate marketing. You can also share your affiliate link in a tutorial video on your YouTube channel or Facebook page. To learn more or to begin your affiliate marketing business, check out my previous articles.

4. Ecommerce marketing

Ecommerce marketing is the only way to keep your store running during this Coronavirus pandemic once the shipping company is still in business. In this form of marketing, merchants open an online store where people come to place orders. This online store can be launched on an ecommerce platform or on the company’s website provided they have one. The common ecommerce platforms are Amazon, Shopify and eBay. Meanwhile, WordPress has a plugin called WooCommerce that enables merchants to create an online store in under a few minutes. Ecommerce marketing is very lucrative these days because most people depend on online stores to get their needs at their doorstep since most stores are closed down.

5. Info marketing

No matter the situation of things, people would still be ready to pay for information. Most especially during this lockdown when people are thirsty for new skills and ideas before they return to their daily activities when the pandemic comes to an end. This is a chance for people in the health sector to create eBooks about this virus. Marketers should see this break as an opportunity to create and sell videos of how they come about their success. Caterers can also use this period to create an eBook on the recipes they have discovered during their careers. Information is a valuable substance, all you need is a way of selling it online. Moreover, if you stay close to this blog, you will learn how to create your eBook without having to write it.

6. Vlogging (VLOG)

Have you noticed that people are looking for a way to keep their minds off this pandemic by watching entertaining videos on YouTube? Meanwhile, some are making videos on how to stay healthy during this pandemic. YouTube is another opportunity for you to make your income during this period. You don’t need a sophisticated camera and costly equipment for making the videos. A smartphone with a sharp camera can do the tricks and you can simply design a place in your house to serve as background for the videos. Starting up can be challenging, but huge money starts coming in when you have large numbers of subscribers. Apart from the money gained on subscribers, you can also monetize your channel going for ads campaign and sharing your affiliate links.

7. Dropshipping

This one also deals with buying and selling products online, but the difference here is that you are not the manufacturer of the product nor do you need to worry about the shipping of the ordered goods. A dropshipper is a retailer or a middleman between a manufacturer of a product and the buyer. In dropshipping, the retailer advertises any product on the internet, get orders from buyers, and then forward the ordering details and shipping address of the buyer to the supplier. This business doesn’t need a brick and mortar shop, nor do you need to stock products in an online store. All you just need is an advertising medium and a trustworthy supplier.


Making money online is very easy when you have the correct information. Therefore, I urge you to keep on checking this blog regularly for new posts. We hope that this pandemic comes to an end very soon. Stay safe and stay at home.