The beauty and cosmetic business are an industry with a vast customer volume. Its customer demographics include both the male and female genders of all age brackets. Because of the industry’s huge market, it has lots of content creators and influencers competing for the top positions to get sponsorship and deals. Today, many influencers, especially ladies, are either in the skincare niche or makeup niche.

There’s a need for lots of them because of various products available in the market. People usually demand tutorials and advice on the applications of these makeup and skincare products. Besides, they are made of chemicals. Therefore, following experts for makeovers tips, instructions, makeup routines, and product reviews are essential.

Also, if you must follow a beauty influencer, it’s crucial that you choose a genuine and reliable one. For our readers, we have compiled a list of the top 5 cosmetic influencers to watch this year. These people share valuable and authentic information about beauty products, and they have millions of subscribers and followers across different social platforms.

Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty is a cosmetic brand that belongs to Huda Kattan, a blogger, and social media personality. She fell in love with cosmetics at a young age and studied it for years. Even though she’s the daughter of an Iraq immigrant in America, Kattan refused to settle for the less. She relocated to Dubai to pursue her dreams in the beauty industry.

In Dubai, she worked as a makeup artist for Revlon and later started her brand in 2013. Huda beauty first makes an appearance on the internet as a blog. On this blog, she shares her opinion about different makeup products and instructs her audience about the correct usage of cosmetics. Presently, the blog is also an ecommerce website where she sells eyelashes, liquid eyeshadows, and liquid lipsticks.

Like a rocket, Instagram promoted her business on the internet. The social platform gave her the luxury to put out her content in video format. As of writing, she has over 49 million followers, and the number keeps growing every day. Cosmetics lovers from different parts of the world join her on this platform to hear the latest update in the world of beauty and makeup.

You can also join her community of 4million-plus YouTube subscribers to get her latest videos and content. Also, she has a reasonable number of followers on Facebook and posts there regularly. Huda Kattan is a prominent personality in the industry, and Forbes ranks her as one of the top three beauty influencers in the world. Also, she has made lists, like the 25 most influential people on the internet and self-made women.

Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie de Jager is a Dutch YouTuber and beauty influencer who owns a cosmetic channel named Nikkie Tutorials across all social networks. She started this journey far back in 2008 when she posted her first cosmetic tutorials. To attain a top position in the industry, she enrolled in a makeup course at B Academy in Amsterdam. Nikkie graduated from the school and signed into the Colorful Agency to become a professional makeup artist.

Today, she’s most famous for her “The power of makeup” YouTube episodes in which people, most times celebrities, show their faces with and without makeup. De Jager conducts these episodes by applying makeup on one half of the celebrity face so that her audience can see the difference with the other half. She has been able to apply makeups on Lady Gaga, Meghan Trainor, Drew Barrymore, Kim Kardashian, and Adele.

Nikkie Tutorials on YouTube currently have over 13 million subscribers, and she has more than 15 million followers on Instagram. The influencer now has her beauty brand, Nimya. And De Jager has won awards like “YouTube Guru” by Shorty awards and “Choice Fashion/Beauty Web Star” by the Teen Choice awards. She is able to achieve a lot on YouTube because of her lively and cheerful character.

James Charles

James Charles is an American YouTuber that creates makeup tutorial content. He discovers his passion for makeup as a teenager during his high school days. His first gig was for a female student who asked him to assist with makeup for a school dance. Charles gained confidence when he trained himself to apply cosmetics on his face. Hence, he began to take clients for makeup sessions.

He registered a YouTube channel in 2015, through which he trained ladies on makeup application and selection of cosmetic products. Presently, the channel has more than 24 million subscribers and billions of views from different parts of the world. Charles also has a special series in which he applies makeup on celebrities. Over the past 6 years, he has been able to make up for Kylie Jenner, Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, Madison Beer, and Addison Rea.

Aside from his YouTube Channel, Charles also has a colossal sister community on Instagram. He’s been followed by 23 million followers. He mainly shares different makeup ideas and her outing pictures on this platform. You can also follow him on Facebook to catch his latest updates and content. In this career, he has won many astonishing awards, including the award for the “show of the year ” at the 10th Streamy awards.

Em ford

Em Ford is a beauty influencer, blogger, and social media personality. She shares her thoughts about the skin on mypaleskinblog and Instagram handle. As a person who suffered from Acne her whole life, she dedicated her blog to enlightening people with the same problem and encouraging them to accept their flawed skin. Ford is also a skin specialist who teaches her fellow women the right products to maintain delicate and healthy skin.

She’s sympathetic and cares a lot for people having skin issues and has organized movements and campaigns to battle the stigma around skin imperfections. Follow her blog and Instagram handle if you like to know more about skin and skin treatments. You can also follow her on YouTube and join her community of over 1million subscribers.

Danielle Marcan

Last but not least is Danielle Marcan, a makeup artist and beauty influencer on TikTok. She shares her makeup ideas through short videos on TikTok and images on Instagram. Marcan’s styles are simple, yet sweet and beautiful that would make you want to try them. The American influencer produces tutorial content and always recommends great cosmetic products. She’s a marketing student and the face of some respected cosmetic brands such as Asos and Dior Makeup.


Makeup is a vital part of your dressing. It improves confidence and self-esteem. But at the same time, it must be perfect and applied appropriately. Therefore, it’s important to follow and watch experts in the field. Nobody knows better than these influencers.

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