TikTok is the new social media hottie. The platform launched not too long ago is now one of the ten most-visited social media platforms globally. It has billions of users across all continents and gains more every day.

The social platform is the home of trending music, new dance styles, and challenges. For this reason, celebrities and influencers love to use it to promote their new songs and content. Moreover, a larger percentage of its demographics are teenagers and adults under 30 years. Therefore, it’s easier to make things go viral on TikTok.

Another up of TikTok is that it can make anyone a content creator and influencer. Without taking any course on video making and editing, users can use their smartphones to create content and join the ongoing challenge. Because of this, there are many social media influencers and rising stars on the platform.

This article introduces the Top 5 TikTok influencers to follow on the platform for extreme fun and entertainment. These people will make your every second count on the social network.

Charli D’Amelio (136.4 million followers)

Charli Grace D’Amelio is currently TikTok’s biggest star. The 17 years old American dancer is the first to attain 50 million and 100 million followers on the platform. Also, according to Forbes, she was the second-highest earning personality on TikTok in 2019 and has a net worth of USD$17.5million.

D’Amelio has been dancing from the age of 3. And she was a trained competitive dancer for ten years before she kicked off her social media career in 2019. Just in that same year, she rose to stardom and became one of the famous TikTok stars. D’Amello’s dancing talent has landed her movie roles and performances with musicians like Bebe Rehxa.

When she started making TikTok videos, D’Amelio usually lip-syncs with songs. Then, she later spiced her contents up with her dancing skills which brought her lots of likes and followers. Today, she’s has made lots of songs popular through her TikTok videos. If you love dancing, follow D’Amelio to learn new dancing styles.

Khaby Lame (132.4 million followers)

Have you heard about that famous TikToker that barely utters a word in his funny videos? Yes, there is one, and he goes by the name Khaby Lame. The Senegalese-born social media personality is the second-most followed TikToker and has a significant presence on YouTube and Instagram. He started his social media career in 2020 after being laid off.

He launched his TikTok account with videos of himself dancing and watching video games. But later found his calling, which is making videos of him responding to the internet’s most useless life hacks with his facial expression. Khaby Lame would perform the same tricks and show his audience that the hack is ridiculous. Sometimes, he would show a better way to achieve the result without tricks or ridiculous hacks. All of these he does silently without uttering a word.

Lame is funny and creative. People love his content and usually share it across social media. You can also join his community on TikTok to enjoy his videos.

Bella Poarch (88 million followers)

From a TikTok influencer to becoming a singer, Bella Poarch is fighting her way to becoming one of the top celebrities in the world. The Filipina American social media personality holds the records for the most-watched videos on TikTok. The video in which she lip-synced to “Soph Aspin Send,” a song by British Rapper Millie B has received more than 50 million views on the social network.

Poarch is the third most-followed content creator on TikTok. Aside from lip-syncing content, the social influencer also shares her dancing videos and hot pictures. In May 2O21, she released her musical debut, “Build a bitch”. And in the same year signed a big musical deal with Warner Records.

Addison Rea (86.6 million followers)

The fourth person on the list is a singer, dancer, and actress. Addison Rea is a social media personality whose fame rings throughout social networks. She started posting on TikTok in July 2019, and in two years, has acquired over 80 million followers on the platform. According to Forbes, she was the highest-earning influencer on TikTok in 2020.

Addison Rea works her way to fame on social media with her dancing videos. She usually makes videos of herself dancing to trending videos on TikTok and has shared videos where she taught Kim Kardashian some dance moves. Like Bella, Rea also gave the music industry a try and released her debut in March 2021.

Kallmekris (42.7 million followers)

So far, so good, the list contains dancers, singers, and Khaby Lame. Now, we give you an influencer that will make you laugh hard and roll on the floor with her comedy skits. Kallmekris is a comedian who makes videos in which she acts as all characters. TikTokers love her content because of her sense of humor.

Her videos are constantly getting millions of views on the social platform. You can also be one of the happy audiences by following her.


TikTok is a fun-filled social network. However, you can make your time super-fun on the platform by following any or all the five influencers mentioned above. They got the crazy dance moves, the sweet sense of humor, and lots of good vibes.