The past two years were fun-filled for video game lovers across the globe, especially for viewers on Twitch. Streamers and content creators on the platform had to put in lots of hard work to entertain their followers and be part of the competition. The industry experienced more content production with better qualities than those created in the first few years of game streaming.

The expectation for 2022 is high. Gamers all around the world expect more fun and exciting content. However, only those following the most skillful and diligent gaming influencers will get unique content. To begin this year’s game streaming journey on the right path, we have collected a list of the Top 5 Twitch content creators to follow in the new year.

Below are the Top 5 Twitch channels to view this year.


AuronPlay makes the first on this list because of the wide range of games he plays to his followers on Twitch. The game streaming channel has over 11 million followers on the Twitch and average viewers of 91,000 per live-streaming session. The content creator usually entertains his audience with exciting games, including Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, and Fortnite.

AuronPlay channel is owned by a Spanish content creator and a game genius named Raul Alveres Genes. He’s currently the second most followed streamer on Twitch and second most-streamed channel, early this year. AuronPlay also has a massive presence on YouTube, and his streaming skills have put him in the position of the most-subscribed YouTuber in Spain.

Alvares’s contents include gameplays, video game tutorials, interesting game moments, comedies, discussions, and all elements that make live-streaming fun. You would want to follow him because of his consistency. He creates content regularly and knows how to make his followers demand more.


XQcOW is another game content creator you would like to follow to have a memorable year. The Canadian creator that goes by the name Felix Lengyel, is one of the very few English-speaking top content creators on Twitch. He’s an undisputable game champion.

Lengyel started his gaming career as an Overwatch Player at DatZit gaming. He played the main tank role at the semi-professional Esport organization, during which he won the Dreamhack Montreal 2016, together with his team of hardcore gamers. Lengyel rose to stardom by playing under professional Esport organizations like Denial eSports, Arc 6, Dallas Fuel, and Gladiators region, most of which his presence in the team got them titles.

After many attempts, XQcOW finally quit pro playing in 2020 to become a full-time Twitch streamer. And in the same year became the most-watched streamer on Twitch with 148.9 million hours watched. Lengyel specializes in playing Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, and Fortnite. Also, he usually gets large audiences for discussion on Just Chatting. And sometimes, he plays games suggested by his followers.


If you’re Spanish, Ibai is another excellent streamer option for you. Ibai worked as a content creator for the G2 Esport team and a presenter for many television shows and sports programs for many years. He has been a big lover of games, sports, and competition from his prime years. Ibai started playing League of legends at the age of nineteen and took part in many massive Esport competitions.

Presently, Ibai is a full-time streamer on Twitch and YouTube. He has over 9.3 million followers on Twitch and regularly receives an average of 50,699 viewers per stream. Ibai and his team of seven other hardcore gamers show dedication to their streaming career. And always ensure that their audiences get quality content every time.

The channel usually produces gameplays and tutorials of League of Legends, Minecraft, Among Us, and Grand Theft Auto V. Moreover, they have a good relationship with their audience through the Just Chatting, Twitch chatting platform where streamers interact with their audiences. Ibai is an excellent streamer, and his presenting skill has earned him the 2020 streamer of the year award. You will definitely enjoy his channel.


Are you a fan of Fortnite? If yes, follow TheGrefg on Twitch for more tactics and tutorials. David Canovas Martinez, a Spanish streamer and YouTuber, owns TheGrefg channel. He developed an interest in games in his teenage years and started producing gaming content when he was fourteen.

Today, he’s the sixth most-streamed content creator on Twitch, with over 20,811 average viewers per streaming session. The TheGrefg channel is doing great with more than 9.49 million followers, and the number is increasing daily. Canovas holds the Guinness World Record title for the most concurrent viewers for a Twitch stream. He’s one of the skillful players to own a Fortnite skin.

Aside from Fortnite, he also plays Minecraft, Clash Royale, Rust and Call of Duty, and Valorant to his followers. Meanwhile, on days he’s not streaming, Canovas is having a great discussion with his followers through Just chatting on Twitch. He’s consistent and only produces quality content. Moreover, he always introduces fun and jokes into his streams, so you’re going to enjoy every minute streaming his content.


Amidst the vying competition on Twitch, a rising star by the streaming name N3KOGLAI rose to stardom to become the most-streamed content creator on Twitch early this year. N3KOGLAI is a Russian streamer specializing in online gambling content production. He makes the content of virtual casinos and online slots. N3KOGLAI also plays Dota 2, Grand Theft Auto V, and receives large viewers when he streams Just Chatting.

N3KOGLAI currently has total followers of 2million. However, his channel is leading the list of top Twitch streamers with an average number of 182,234 viewers. Little is known about the Russian streamer as of the moment. But we hope to learn more about him as time goes on.


The new year promises to be fantastic for those that follow the right set of people. You can reach the peak of entertainment on Twitch by following all or any of these Top five influencers.

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