YouTube remains one of the most visited sites/platforms in the world. According to statistics, it comes second, after Google on the list of the most consulted platforms. YouTube provides users with educative, motivational, entertaining, and general lifestyle videos produced by channels on the platform. There are over 37 million channels on YouTube and Gazillions of content.

However, even with the vast community and vying competition, some content creators have been able to stand out and graduate to the level of influencers on YouTube. These people have successfully leveraged their videos and creativity to attract millions of subscribers. Today, we will look at five of those Influencers that you must follow in the current year.

The list contains top influencers from different niches, including sport, entertainment, beauty, cosmetics, and general lifestyle. These channels will provide you with the knowledge, updates, and thrills needed to run and live this year.


PewDiePie is a Swedish YouTuber that goes by the name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. He started his YouTube career far back in 2010, and he’s devoted to the production of Let’s Play content of Horror and action games. Kjellberg is also a comedian and always ensures that his audiences have fun during streaming. He’s famously known for teaching game walkthroughs as if he was speaking to a friend.

Kjellberg’s friendly and comedic attitude has earned him many outstanding achievements and accolades in the vlogging business. PewDiePie channel was one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube in 2012 and 2013, and in August 2013 became the most subscribed YouTube content creator.

He also had the most-viewed title between 29 December 2014 to 14 February 2017 and was listed as one of the most 100 influential people in 2016. His channel currently has 111 million subscribers and over 28 billion total views.

If you’re a lover of games and comedy, PewDiePie should be one of your influencers for the year. He will provide you with fun and entertainment. Games played by PewDiePie to his audience include Rise of Nightmares, Minecraft, Dota, Amnesia, Half-life 2, and Call of duty.

He has also collaborated with several game developers to create games under his name, including PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist and PewDiePie’s Tuber simulators.


Zoella is a beauty channel on YouTube. Zeo Elizabeth Sugg, a famous English social media personality, owns and runs the channel. She uses the platform to educate women about clothing, bags, and beauty in general. Also, Sugg uses the channel to share DIY solutions and ideas for wardrobe arrangements and home decorations. And recently she just got a baby daughter and making content around baby clothing and cares.

Sugg’s knowledge of beauty and interior design is deep and authentic. Before becoming a blogger, she worked as an apprentice in an interior design company and a salesperson for a British clothing retailer. Her experience is vast in the field, and so she can give the best beauty and general lifestyle advice.

Aside from her quality content, she received many followers and subscribers because of her jovialness and optimism. Sugg currently runs two channels on YouTube, but her main is the beauty channel (Zoella), which has over 11 million subscribers and over 1 billion total views. Meanwhile, her other channel (Morezoella) for lifestyle and experiences has 4.9 million subscribers and 924 million views.

Sugg is also a novel writer and has made remarkable achievements in the lane. Therefore, you can expect her content to be funny, creative, and full of humor.

Michele Phan

Michele Phan is an American social media personality that uses her YouTube channel for make-up tutorials. Phan has extensive knowledge about cosmetic products and their application with several make-up brands and partnerships. She holds the proper position to instruct and enlighten women about make-ups and glowing at all stages of life.

Recently, she’s diversifying into other fields like Cryptocurrency. Phan currently has two or three videos on her channel in which she explains the bitcoin market and how Cryptocurrency works. Sometimes, she talks about careers, the state of different industries, and general lifestyles.

She started her Vlogging career in 2007 and has gained 8.81 million subscribers and more than 1.04 billion views. Over the years, she has made viral videos that featured on Buzzfeed. Phan is a beauty instructor, an intelligent businessperson, and a role model to all ladies that look forward to having their empire. Her YouTube channel is worth following.

Ryan’s World

Ryan’s world is a YouTube channel for kids between 2 and 6 years. Ryan Kaji, the son of Shion and Loann Kaji is the face and owner of the YouTube channel. He started the channel in March 2015 when he realized that lots of kids like him are on YouTube making toy reviews videos. With his parents and twin sisters, Ryan makes interesting toy reviews videos and shares his growing-up experiences with kids of his age.

Within six years, the channel has grown to become one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. Presently, 31.7 million people are subscribed to the channel, and all his videos have garnered over 48.7 billion views. According to Forbes, Ryan Kaji was the highest-earning YouTuber for 2018 and 2019. He made $22 million and $26million, respectively, in both years.

The Ryan’s World channel has a massive influence on the toy industry. The numbers of viewers received by his toy videos usually affect the sales of toys. Ryan World is an exciting channel for kids and anyone that loves to watch kids play.

Luisito communica

Do you love traveling? or would like to learn more about different cities and cultures across the globe. Luisito communica is the channel for you. The channel is owned and managed by a Mexican blogger and YouTuber, Luis Arturo Villar Sudek. Luisito communica is fully dedicated to sharing videos of Arturo’s traveling experiences in different parts of the world.

He started the channel in April 2012 and proudly has a community of 38.2 million subscribers. Arturo runs this speaks the Mexican language in his content. However, he also has another channel for English speakers that goes by the name Lusito worldwide.

Arturo is an incredible personality. He’s friendly, creative, and fun to be with. Also, Arturo is very explanatory and tries his best to ensure that his viewers also taste his experience in foreign countries. Moreover, he gives advice and survival tips to the audience on having fun-filled traveling experiences in unfamiliar places.


YouTube influencers are generally entertaining and creative. However, if you want the best experience, try any of the five listed above.