The necessity of a fast-loading website cannot be overemphasized, especially for businesses. People are always in a rush. They want their requests served within seconds and would get irritated when a website is taking too long to load.

A slow-loading website is a red flag for many people. It could mean that your brand is not reliable or you’re incapable of delivering a standard service. And you can’t blame them for having these thoughts, even before dealing with you; your slow website has said so much already.

Securing a good server could help to solve the website’s slow loading speed. Many website owners waste a lot of money and resources trying to solve this issue with plugins and various speed optimization tips when they could have eliminated it with an excellent hosting company. Moreover, not all web host provides a facility that supports these plugins.

This article highlights the features to seek in a web hosting service to avoid increased web loading speed. First and Foremost, businesses should try their best to avoid shared hosting. Companies should own their dedicated servers. But don’t just pick a dedicated server with any hosting company. The company must also offer;

LiteSpeed Cache

Caching is a computer term that describes temporarily saving website data on a user’s browser for quick and easy access in the future. When a web user tries to access a website, a request is sent from their browser to the website. The website returns with the requested content. Caching serves the user with the static format of the content while waiting for the dynamic part to eliminate a more extended loading period.

LiteSpeed Cache is the best caching plugin that uses the page cache mechanism. It keeps the static format of a dynamic page generated by PHP and serves it to a user when they come for the same content in the future. Every business needs to have this tool enabled on their website, especially those using WordPress CMS.

Although many enjoy LiteSpeed benefits by installing the plugin on their website, it can’t be compared to using a LiteSpeed Web Server. Meanwhile, not all web hosts provide this server type; some still use the Apache server. A LiteSpeed server won’t only boost your website loading speed, but it will also improve your database operation.

Redis Object Caching

Object caching is server-side caching and reduces the stress on your database. It saves and serves database content hence reducing the number of database queries. WordPress websites need object caching to help users access images and database content more quickly.

Redis is the best and most famous object caching tool. It offers additional features far better than every other object caching software. It’s your best chance towards achieving a fast-loading website, so make sure you choose a server that supports this software or has it preinstalled on their server.

Multiple PHP versions, including PHP 8

Your web hosting must have servers that support multiple PHP versions, including the latest version 8. The reason is that content management systems are developed with different PHP versions. Moreover, web tools and plugins are constantly upgraded.

You can’t be so sure that the tool or CMS you’re installing on your website uses the same version of PHP as your server. For this reason, it’s essential and less stressful to go for a web host whose servers support all versions.

Cloudflare CDN

Latency is a phenomenon that describes delay in the sharing of data, and it’s one of the reasons for a slow website loading speed. It can be avoided by reducing the distance between the sharer and the receiver.

In other words, the website loads faster when the user is closer to the server. Though you can’t make your server everywhere, you can use a network that keeps the static content of your websites on some private servers across several locations worldwide. You will be able to bring your websites closer to your users in every place across the globe. This network is called CDN.

Applying for CDN networks after hosting a website is expensive, so you should pick a web hosting service that provides CDN as one of their offerings. It would be better to go for one that offers Cloudflare CDN because it’s currently the fastest and most reliable content delivery network.

SuperFast NVMe SSD storage

Anyone who has experienced the operation of a Hard-Disk Drive and a Solid-State Drive would know that one processes data faster than the other. Nonvolatile memory express SSD is the latest and fastest storage technology.

It saves data in integrated circuits and transfers data at a flash speed. You should seek this technology in a web server for fast loading speed.

Many do not bother to care. And only a few web hosting advertise this feature because many still use the old HDD server. Before you pay, discuss with the company and ask questions about their servers.

Image Optimization

Images are big files that usually weigh a website down. You can optimize your images with plugins, and it’s better when you have a server that naturally compresses and reduces the size of these big files.

Guaranteed Resources

Your web host must be willing to hear you out and provide the necessary resources to optimize your website loading speed. For this reason, it’s advisable to talk with your WebHost before paying for the service. You should also sign a contract with them that states all the benefits of the service.


A fast-loading website is a priority because it directly affects the conversion rate. A website that loads all pages in under 3 seconds will fetch more conversion than a site that takes longer to load, which would be by a significant margin. And you can begin the process by choosing a web host that provides all the necessary facilities and resources.

Premlall consulting is willing to help you in your search if only you allow us. We know a few web hosting platforms that can provide all these features and tools. Please fill out our consultation form to contact us.