Google is one of the innovations that has revolutionized the world. The search engine platform has become an integral part of our lives that we can’t do without it in a single day. With it, we could get new information with a few presses of our smartphones and computers. Unconsciously, we have even made it a verb. We now Google things, not search again.

Businesses have benefited even more. Their advertisement programs have helped lots of small businesses become great in their various fields. All thanks to Google, local businesses are doing more in their locality without spending much on advertisements. With programs like Google My Business listings and Local service advertisements, local businesses are getting valid leads every day.

Google endorsements bring about better accomplishments. Businesses with Google endorsements receive more customers than their competitors in the niche. People trust Google and will always love to work with any business that is verified and vetted reliable by the tech giant. Getting endorsed should be the desire of every local business. You can get the endorsement by either being Google Screened or Google Guaranteed.

In this article, I will discuss extensively Google screening and its processes. Also, we will see the differences between Google Screened and Google Guaranteed.

What does Google Screened mean?

Google Screened is a verification process arranged for a professional service business to confirm their credibility and reliability. The vetting procedure includes a business-level background check and a business-owner background check. In some cases, the business may have to provide their government license and insurance documents.

This screening process is strictly for professional businesses such as Lawyers, Architects, Real Estate Agents, Carpenters, Electricians, and Financial Planners etc. At the end of the verification, a business receives the green mark Google Screened badge and features in the local service advertisement results.

The main reason for this procedure is to ensure that only trusted, and reliable service features on the Local service advertisement. Google is a trusted search engine, and they don’t want a local business to tarnish their image. And for that reason, they have put up these checks to ensure that only government-approved and professional services are presented before researchers because of local inquiries.

How much does it cost to be Google Screened?

It takes no money to be Google Screened. The procedure comes as part of the requirement for registering an account with local service ads. Businesses only pay for leads that come from the advertisements, which range between $5 per lead to $90 per lead, depending on the industry and the market.

What is the Google Screened badge?

Google Screened badge is the green mark that appears below every professional service business that is ranked in a local service advertisement for local enquires. The green mark is awarded on completion of all verification procedures, which may include a business background check, license check, and insurance check.

To researchers, the badge symbolizes professionalism and reliability. It means that your business is certified by Google, the leading search engine platform in the world and that you can be trusted to perform an excellent service. The badge could also mean that they are safe within your office or workplace. The screening procedure might include a background check that you have a workplace that is safe for a visit by customers.

What is the difference between Google Screened and Google Guaranteed?

Google Screened and Google Guaranteed have a similar certification process. And also, they are both requirements for joining the local service advertisers. Even with the huge similarities, there exist some differences between the two.

The first is that Google Screened is issued to professional service businesses while Google Guaranteed is given to in-home service businesses. The in-home businesses include carpet and upholsteries cleaning, locksmith services, home cleaning, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and cooling) services, appliance repair, and window repair etc. It’s basically for businesses that render services in their client’s homes.

Also, Google Guaranteed supports a reimbursement program for customers. It pays back the service invoice to a customer that is not satisfied with the service rendered by a Google Guaranteed in-home business.  Google could only pay the highest (lifetime maximum) reimbursement of $2000 for United States residents. The lifetime maximum varies with countries; $2000 also applies for Canada and £1500 for United Kingdom residents.

For this reason, Google Guaranteed demands a base payment of $50 per month that is equivalent to $600 per annum from registering businesses. This base payment is a separate charge and not the same as the charge per lead for a local service advertisement.

How do you become a Google Screened professional?

Google screening is part of the requirement to have an account with the Google local service advertiser. To be Google Screened, a business must undergo the registration process of becoming a local service advertiser.

The first step is to check for your eligibility, which you can do here by stating your country, state, zip code, and job category. If your business is eligible, you will be led to the signup page and finally to the page where you will create a business profile.

Be careful to select all the job types that your business performs. This information will be used by the Google algorithm to rank you for local inquiries, so do well to select all the services that your business can render.

On completing your business profile, you will be guided through series of pages where you will be Google screened. On these pages, you will provide your license and insurance documents. Also, you might have to provide information about yourself and some employees.

Google screening may extend for days because those details will be confirmed by a necessary Google background check partner. Also, you could get in contact with the partners to correct any mistake, error, or inconsistencies that might have occurred during those checks.


Getting Google Screened should be the dream of every business. For those in the qualified zone and job, categories waste no time in getting certified. However, you must have thought it through and agree that local service ads are the next marketing move for your business. Anyways, you will only pay when you get a valid lead through the advertising effort. Nothing to lose!