The city of Charleston in South Carolina is known for its unique beauty and serenity that please the eyes and other fantastic livelihood qualities it offers residents and tourists. These have fetched the city so many nicknames since its founding in 1670. Chucktown is one of its casual names. It’s also called the Holy City because of its tolerance for all religions. And recently, it’s been tagged as Silicon Harbor for being the home of more than 250 tech companies in the United States.

Silicon Valley was the country’s only popular and thriving tech-driven community many years ago. However, the last two decades have changed the story for Silicon Valley. A beautiful city in the coastal region of South Carolina opened its harbor to big and small tech companies. Charleston is more likely to displace its counterpart in the top position because of its cheaper and more affordable housing.

Technology and Charleston began to be a thing about 26 years ago when a nonprofit software company Blackbaud moved to the city from New York. Since then, Charleston has been the fertile ground supporting the growth of tech startups and expansion sites for big tech companies. Over the years, over 11,000 people have been employed by tech companies within the city.

The history of tech development is not entirely accounted for without mentioning the Charleston Digital Corridor. It’s an initiative program established in 2001 to encourage the creation and development of tech startups within the city. Presently, more than 80 startups have been founded due to this program. These companies include Blue Acorn and GoodDoneGreat. The initiative is also responsible for the migration of tech companies into the city.

From the “Silicon” title, we can all deduce that this city is full of computer and software companies. There are so many of them that you could find five similar brands on a block. The atmosphere speaks of technology and innovations. New software, microprocessor chips, and digital products are produced daily.

Aside from software companies, there are other tech companies. There are automobile companies, big furniture manufacturers, and aerospace companies. Even Boeing, the leading aerospace manufacturer, has a branch in Silicon Harbor.

The ambiance in Charleston is rare to find in other cities. Even before the rise in technological activities in the city, Charleston has been a tourist destination. The city has many tourist attractions, and the architecture is spectacular. Everywhere in the city is full of flowers, plants, and nature—what a great place to establish a market. People come from different parts of the world to experience technological advancement and contribute their quota to the great things happening within the city.

There’s no better place to establish a tech business. The market is already in place. Everyone in the country knows this city as a place where they can get IT companies to build software solutions for the smooth running of their business. Also, you get to enjoy the availability of resources required to produce your electronic products. A web design firm in Charleston does not need to stress over finding a hosting company. They are either next door or in the neighboring block.

The state government and various nonprofit organizations are constantly working to attract more tech investors into the city and encourage young people to establish their startups. In 2014, Harbor Entrepreneur Center was established, and this institution trained over 30 groups of aspiring tech entrepreneurs by the end of 2018. Moreover, several business pitching competitions have been organized to support people with startup ideas.

Also, there’s a labor force in the area to leverage for your tech company. The College of Charleston offers computer, mathematics, and statistics courses, and hundreds of students graduate annually from their system, electronics, and software engineering departments. Tech companies in the city usually employ these students. They are young blood with ideas, skills, talent, and strength. It’s easier to reach milestones with this kind of workforce.

Though the standard of living in Charleston is a bit higher than the country’s average, it’s still fair compared to other tech markets. Young graduates can live on one job and have extra time to build their dreams in the tech industry. Real estates are also affordable. Businesses can rent an apartment at lower prices at their startup stage and have enough capital to run and pay employees’ salaries.

Silicon Harbor is a City in South Carolina, famous for being a tech market and the number one mid-sized US metro area for IT job growth. The city is a destination for tourists that love technology and beautiful sceneries. It’s also a place for fresh graduates who love to gather the experience and skills required to build their profitable companies.