WordPress is currently the leading CMS platform. The content management system powers about 15% of the world’s top websites. And it’s used in creating over 500 websites daily. Every business wants to use WordPress to build their website because it’s easy to use and understand. Moreover, it can make all kinds of websites, including ecommerce sites.

However, it would help to get some server technologies and plugins to enjoy WordPress services better. These technologies will aid in installing, running, and managing your WordPress website. The server technologies should be considered when looking for a hosting company for your website. Choose only a company that can offer the following technologies suitable for your WordPress website.

Nginx Web Server

Nginx is an open-source server software for delivering content across the internet. It also serves other functions, such as reverse proxying, traffic balancing, caching, and media streaming, among many others. This software was created in 2004 to solve a problem experienced with Apache, the pre-existing technology. Besides, it has been found and proved that Nginx is the most efficient of the two.

WordPress website runs perfectly fine on the Nginx web server. It’s the best for caching static content. Your web visitors won’t have to send requests to your server every time they visit. Nginx would have kept the fixed format of your web page close to their browser. This technology will reduce the stress on your server and improve your website performance.

OpenLiteSpeed Web Server

OpenLiteSpeed is an open-source software for improving server operating speed and security. It’s not as popular as Nginx but can perform virtually everything Nginx does. But its core duty is accelerating website loading speed through caching and improved PHP functionalities. The software can be a standalone replacement for Nginx and Apache and can be used as complementary web server software.

Percona Database Options

Database operations usually impact website efficiency. Your database is the storage facility of your website, and it needs to be protected and optimized. Databases are programmed using MySQL. Percona is a MySQL database relational management system that makes the workflow more accessible and faster.

MariaDB Database Options

MariaDB can also fill in for database software. It’s an open-source software developed by the creator of MySQL and provides lots of options for speaking to and managing the database. MariaDB is open to database developers’ contributions and receives new options almost every time. The software is another good one for the WordPress website. It’s built to improve database performances and ensure stability during the inflow and outflow of data.

Advanced forms

Forms help to lead web visitors to the point of conversion. Advance forms is a WordPress plugin that allows businesses to create all kinds of front-end forms on their website using custom fields. Advanced forms should be on all WordPress websites. It’s the best that you can get for a WordPress website.

Sendgrid SMTP

Sendgrid SMTP is an email delivery plugin for WordPress websites. Users can send up to 100 free emails through the Sendgrid SMTP plugin installed on their website.

Reporting and Analytic

You need a reporting and analytic plugin on your WordPress website to measure its performance. There are lots of them in the plugin bank. The common ones include HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Crazy Egg.


These technologies are essential for a successful digital marketing campaign with a WordPress website. Premlall Consulting can get you a host that offers all these server technologies. And if you allow us, we can help you build and create a WordPress website for your business.