Are you a bookkeeper, financial adviser, data analyst, broker, or into consultancy? Book Like A Boss (BLAB) is the software you have been looking for to take your services online. In this present world, staying just offline is not enough to make your dream figures. You need to step up higher by extending your services to the internet.

Gone are the days when consultants need to meet face-to-face with their clients to deliver their services. All can be done online through the use of some special software, booking platforms. These platforms are numerous, and a consultant or business may find it hard to select one that’s suitable for their work.

Amidst all is Book Like a Boss, a software specially made for consultants and businesses to create services and arrange appointments with their clients online. With this software, clients can easily book a meeting with you and pay you for your time and service rendered. Book like a Boss is mind-blowing, and you wouldn’t want to miss the Appsumo deal that’s available presently to obtain it at a lesser price.

Read on to know more about Book like a Boss.

What is Book Like A Boss?

Book like a Boss, also known by some as BLAB is a web-based platform for booking appointments and selling products and services. The software helps businesses to streamline their booking process instead of going back and forth with clients using emails.

The application is designed not just for your clients to schedule appointments with you, but also to know you better. Book Like A Boss can also serve as your online marketplace where you sell your digital and physical products, and get paid online.

It also offers lots of integrations, meaning that you can connect your social media and other marketing tools to better engage your clients. You can easily connect it with your Zoom, such that you automatically create a meeting room for your clients the moment they book an appointment.

What are the features of Book Like A Boss?

Book Like A Boss is far greater than the picture you are drawing in your mind right now. For you to have a clear picture of this software, you need to explore its feature. The following are the features of Book Like A Boss.

Booking Schedule

One beautiful thing about BLAB is that it allows users to create their booking schedule, which means that you can state when you are available and not. So, whoever wants to book an appointment with you can choose a time that falls into your vacant slots.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is also possible with Book Like A Boss. Your clients or anyone who visits your landing page can see your free periods and book an appointment with you. The amazing thing about this software is how it adapts to different time zones, which means that it serves your visitors with your booking schedule in their local time zone.

Unlike other software, BLAB allows users to have control over their appointments. You can set the booking intervals and approval mode. The approval mode can either be manual or automatic. The automatic approval is good for the services you displayed so that whoever wants to discuss your services get to book a meeting with you immediately while you manually decide for those who want a free consultation with you.

Meanwhile, it also has a calendar where it saves your appointments for each day. So you can just visit your calendar section and sees the time and number of appointments you have for each day. You must be worrying about how to integrate your offline calendar with your BLAB calendar to avoid clashes. You don’t have to worry about anything, Book Like A Boss has already gotten that covered with their calendar synchronization feature.

Calendar Synchronization

Getting your offline and BLAB calendar to work together is very easy with this software. All you just need to do is to integrate your calendar to Book Like A Boss in the calendar section. There are about five different calendars options (Google, Office 365, iCloud, Outlook, and Exchange); you select the one you have been using for your offline schedules.

Booking page embedment

What a great feature is it to be able to embed your booking page on your WordPress website? You may have a website for your consultancy or freelancing business, and you already have your services or products displayed on it.

You can spice up your marketing strategy by embedding your booking calendar close to those products for potential clients/buyers to book meetings and discuss their needs. With this, you will get their confidence by being professional. And certainly, the job will be yours.

Customizable landing page

Anybody who’s into blogging will understand the role of a well-optimized landing page to their brand or business. A good landing page will give a visitor the first impression of your business. It’s from it they know the services your business renders, and information about the business owner.

As for BLAB, your landing page displays every content in your profile, including your name, personal description (about me), profile picture, sidebar content, and social media links. The “about me” section is a place you will want to utilize maximally. This section is where you will like to tell your visitors how you founded your brand/business, key achievements since establishment, and your objectives.

The sidebar is another fascinating part of your landing page. Apart from the fact that this is where your social media links are displayed, the sidebar section is a good place to list your companies and link their corresponding sites. I was fortunate to come across a digital marketing consultant who updates this section with customized links to his new blogs.

The gallery is another portion to take seriously on your landing page. If I were you, I would post images of awards my company has received, and ranking lists I have ranked on. The footer also features on your landing page, and likewise customizable. But I will take that under the affiliate program.

You will also like to fill up your FAQs and testimonial section. The FAQs is the short form for frequently asked questions. So, you give answers to questions usually asked by your clients. The testimonial section is where your reviews go, and all, including the FAQs will display on your landing page.

Now you see for yourself that the landing page is the life of this web-based booking platform. Moreover, your products and services are also displayed on this landing page. So, we can say that this software offers users a one-page website where clients can book appointments and buy their products.

Selling of products and services

Like Amazon, Shopify, and the rest, you can also run a small online store on this platform. Book Like A Boss wants you to make money from the traffic coming into your landing page and, therefore, put in place a kind of eCommerce feature that enables you to advertise your product and services. Mind you; the product can either be physical or digital.

The amazing thing about this platform is that you can get your payment online via PayPal, Stripe, and Square. So, before you stock your products, you need first to set your payment medium in the payment settings. Then you proceed to the product and services section to add your products.

You must add the “redirect URL” where whoever buys the digital product will be directed to download it after payment. You will agree with me that this platform is also good for your info marketing.


Providing coupons is one of the ways of getting your visitors/clients’ attention. And with your Book Like A Boss application, you can offer discounts on your products and services. You can also set expiring dates to push them into purchasing your products.

However, these coupon features are not available for all the plans. It’s only available for users on their Cappuccino and Latte plans.

Applications integration

You must have been wondering about what will happen after the appointment has been scheduled. Where will you have the meetings with your clients? Does Book Like A Boss has webinar features? No, it doesn’t have a Webinar feature, but you can integrate Zoom for holding your online meetings.

You can also get a video from your YouTube channel and upload it on your landing page. Book like a boss also allows users to integrate other applications like MailChimp for email marketing and Google analytics for getting data and statistics. Other applications includes ConvertBox, Poptin, CallPage, Facebook Pixel, and Facebook comments.

Facebook Pixel is a very nice tool. With it, you will be able to measure the conversions coming into your BLABs page from your Facebook Ads. And Facebook Comment is a widget that displays some of the comments gotten by your company on Facebook in your landing page.

Messaging system

There’s a built-in messaging system in the application through which you receive and reply to messages from your visitors.

Affiliate program

Book Like A Boss is one of the very few booking platforms that offers its users an affiliate program. It’s a program where you earn a commission on everybody that purchases a BLAB plan through your link. But you will first need to apply for their affiliate program to get the link.

The amazing thing about these software providers is that they have also come up with an innovative method by which you can advertise this product as an affiliate. The idea is the use of the footer on the landing page.

Normally, on clicking the footer you will be taken to Book Like A Boss pricing page where you can purchase a plan, but by customizing the footer, you can add your affiliate link. However, the footer customization is only available for expensive plans.


BLAB has a good customer service. They are available for you 24/7. Meanwhile, there is also a Chabot system to cater to your immediate needs and request.

Tutorials and a vast community

There are tutorials for you to understand the system and know how to set things up by yourself. BLAB also has a Facebook community in which you are automatically added as a member when you register for a plan. This group contains digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and consultants who are ready to share their experience of BLAB, and also proffer solutions to the problems you are encountering.

What are the pros of Book Like A Boss?

  1. The pros of Book Like A Boss includes;
  2. It streamlines booking and appointment processes
  3. BLAB keeps your online and offline schedules together in one calendar
  4. There is an opportunity to optimized and customize your landing page
  5. There are tutorials to guide you in using the software
  6. Selling of products and services is possible
  7. It’s possible to embed your booking calendar on a WordPress website
  8. 24/7 customer support

What are the cons of Book Like A Boss?

The cons of Book Like A Boss include;

  1. Users express difficulty in integrating their Google calendar
  2. You may need to be a bit technical to get things done on it
  3. New features update do take time for old users

How much does Book Like A Boss cost?

For software this robust and very useful, it’s normal to think of hundreds of bucks per month. But it’s not the same for Book Like A Boss; all their plans are given out at affordable prices. The lowest known as the Expresso plan costs $9 per month while the highest package (Latte plan) costs $29 per month. There are four plans in total, and you can save 17% of the total fee by paying annually.

The Appsumo deal is more affordable. What they do in Appsumo is to sell you the software codes, and you can even stack more codes to get the advanced packages at low prices. You can view the Appsumo pricing here.


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