Can we really say it’s difficult to start an online business? Because it only takes a computer, internet connection, and some few bucks to launch your online business.

You can even conceive an online business idea in the morning and have it launched before noon. Let’s say you’re interested in affiliate marketing. You’ll start by choosing a niche, register for an affiliate program on an online marketplace, and build a website to advertise the products.

Ecommerce startup processes are much alike. Blogging only requires a website to begin- one that you can build by yourself if you’re computer inclined. You don’t need a sophisticated camera to launch your YouTube career; with an iPhone camera, you are good to go.

I wonder why people are still skeptical about online business. Obviously, it’s easier to start and usually takes a little capital.

Just take a moment and imagine the amount of money and time it would cost you to open a brick-and-mortar store in your neighborhood. What about the stress? I’m very sure it’s not something you can initiate and finish in a day.

If there’s anything hard about online business, it would be growing it to success. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to actually become famous in the online world. But it’s possible, achievable, and worth the risk.

Well, if starting an online business is so simple, why do people still think it’s hard?

  1. Fear of the competition

The fear of struggling with the huge competition that’s present on the internet has kept lots of people away from online business. They have thought within themselves that they can’t win in this kind of environment.

To be honest, the competition is fierce. And it’s hard to find a niche that is not saturated. However, this is not enough to discourage you from getting into the online business.

Competition is a sign that there’s ample chance of making wealth in the online business. It never means it’s impossible to succeed in the environment. Come to think of it, there are lots of affiliate platforms that deal in a digital project, yet each one has a huge number of customers. They include Clickbank, JVZoo and ShareAsale.

To win the competition, you need not pay attention to it and focus on being distinct and valuable in the online market. Make sure you’re constantly giving out value to people. Ensure that they find the experience with your brand interesting. This will make them come back for more.

  1. Their friends are not making a profit from the online business

Most of us have this friend that keeps warning us that the internet is not a good place for business. Perhaps they have tried it and lost money without making any profit. Yes, it’s discouraging but not a good point to show that internet business is hard.

Most people fail in the online business because they don’t understand it. They are just there because they have heard stories of successful netprenuers. Firstly, you need to perform due diligence before entering the business. You need to research it, learn about its ups and downs before investing in it.

For an online business, it’s essential to research your niche. Use Google trends to know the number of searches that’s been made in that niche per day, and also see the number of competition. This will help you to decide on whether to go for the niche or dig deeper to reduce competition.

For example, you could have beverages (niche) in mind but later narrow it down to coffee (niche) only to be more specific and reduce competition. Instead of having a blog on fashion in general, you could do better and attain quick success by centralizing on men’s fashions in the US. Then, you could register for Amazon affiliate programs and advertise men’s wear on your website.

  1. Online businesses do not promise quick profit

Unlike physical stores, you may not record a single sale in the first few months of your eCommerce store. Also, your blogging may not receive a satisfactory amount of traffic after six months of launching. This has caused many people to give up on online business.

When you’re going into an online business, you must make up your mind to go there for the long haul. You must be determined to continue even when you’re not getting your expected outcome. Online businesses take time to grow, and owners have to exercise patience during the development days.

Because of slow days, I do advise people to go into online business because they have a passion for it and not because of the money they want to make. Choose a niche that you love talking about even when you’re not making money from it.

Do it because you enjoy the game, and you derive pleasure from putting valuable information out there. The money is an additional advantage. This kind of attitude will keep you going even when you’re not making enough from your online business.

Why starting an online business is much easier than you think?

Getting rid of the misconceptions about online business and starting with the right mindset will help you scale through the high and lows of the journey. Moreover, focusing more on the benefits of online business will help you find motivation every step of the way.

One of the biggest upsides of online business is that you can start and keep your job. It doesn’t require you to be physically present at a place to manage. Spending 2 hours daily after your work is enough to manage and develop your online presence.

Meanwhile, the market is open 24/7 to a larger group of people. Having your business online makes it global. People from different continents can visit your site and buy your digital products. Also, you spend less to manage an online business. Most times, you don’t need an employee to start an online business.


I hope this article meets you well, and I hope it brings you out of the darkness. I believe now you see more reasons why you should promote your business online and have the strength to shun opposing forces.

What are you still waiting for? It’s time to make things happen!! Online business is not hard; it’s easier to launch and maintain.

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