The benefits of social media to companies cannot all be discussed in one article. The fact is that the benefits are increasing day after day and there are more to discover. However, among all advantages, companies have not come to the knowledge of monetizing their internet and social media presence. Only few knows that the social media can generate more profit to their business, and even this set does not even know how to make their first bucks on the internet. This article is prepared to teach entrepreneurs how to convert the internet to a source of income. Maybe by knowing this, they would be able to handle their digital marketing strategies with more seriousness.

The following are the means a business can make money through the internet platforms:

1. Affiliate marketing

Every business on the internet must consider affiliate marketing, whether they have an online product or not. In this marketing, the product to be sold is not produced by your business, but it has to go in line with your niche. For example, if you are into beauty and body shaping niche, you can affiliate a book or manual that teaches people how to lose seven pounds of weight in a month.

Affiliate marketing is simply the strategy in which a person or business partners with another business [usually an e-commerce website] by referring readers or visitors to a business’s particular product to make a commission. All it demands is to advertise other people’s products, which may be book, manual, and physical product to your buyers and social media followers.

To begin, you have to first register with an affiliate network like Amazon, Aliexpress, Jvzoo, Clickbank, or Smashwords, depending on which one offers a handsome commission and has more products that relate to your niche. After which you get your affiliate link and start marketing it to your website visitors and public media followers using fantastic content. The contents are not limited to articles. It can be a video, a review, or testimonies of the people who have once use the products. But all the same, your affiliate link must be included in the content.

The company can also have an affiliate section on their website where they can review products produced by different manufacturers. And give an affiliate link to the network where they can get each product.

2. Info marketing

No matter what your business is producing, there is always information about it. It may be on how to create it, how to maintain the product, how to market it, how to get the authentic one, or how to use it. These are information that is demanded by people, and they are ready to pay for it. For a person that owns a cake shop, you can make a manual on the recipes of 100 different cakes you have produced over the past two years and sell the eBook on the internet. This is what they call info marketing.

Information marketing is simply the sale of informational materials on the internet. However, don’t get the wrong impression that the material has to be a book. It can be a video or voice over of the content of the book. Just like affiliate marketing, you can use the affiliate networks to sell your info. And you depend on social media for creating a buzz around the product.

Meanwhile, the advertising content is similar to that of affiliate marketing. But now you can add a sales statement that tells the summary of the book and what it entails. This marketing strategy will give your business the respect it duly deserves. Now people will see for your quality and the fact that you genuinely know the rudiment of the niche.

3. YouTube marketing

How about making money from your YouTube channel? Or you are still wondering if your business can utilize YouTube in its marketing campaign. Firstly, your business needs a YouTube strategy because of the traffic on the search engine. YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, and hundreds of videos are posted there in a minute. Therefore, your business should see it as another means of targeting buyers on the internet.

The second reason is that the world is changing from the era of reading long-text articles to the age of video. People appreciate content better when it comes to the video format because it takes less time and stress to watch. And imagine how stressful it would be to pass instructions to a person using text. But through video, the receiver will understand better and perform the task correctly.

Some business doesn’t want to attempt vlogging because they have no idea the videos to make for their followers. Meanwhile, there are about six categories of videos that businesses can use on YouTube irrespective of the size of products. Companies can do listicle videos, interviews, product videos, hand-on videos, behind-the-scene videos, or case studies for their subscribers on YouTube.

Monetizing your channel is not that easy. It takes lots of hard work and persistence to build thousands of subscribers, and to meet YouTube fluctuating policies is challenging.
Moreover, some YouTubers had once complained of getting less than what their input. For this reason, a business has to study the platform and be more strategic in monetizing their YouTube channel. There are other profitable programs a company can opt for on the platform rather than getting a dime from views and ads. These programs include sponsored videos, affiliate advertisements, and video courses.

There is no limit to the income a business can generate from the internet. It depends on the level of commitment they discharge into these platforms. Moreover, it’s not only about the money that comes from it. But your business stands to gain more respect and recognition from the public. If you still need more insights or need assistance in launching your digital marketing campaign, contact us or book an appointment.