Are you thinking of ways to get more projects within your state and neighboring communities? Ever wished you have a marketing strategy that would bring more sales and consultancy from your area? I have good news for you. Your wish can come true.

Regardless of the service(s) or the products you offer, there are ways by which you can make more customers and sales within the community you’re based in. This article contains both digital and conventional marketing strategies that you can implement to thrive and record huge success within your locality.

The following are five marketing strategies to promote your business in your local areas.

  1. Create and optimize your business listings

How would you feel to know that people living in your area are looking for your business? Well, they may not be seeking your brand in particular. However, they are searching for the products or services that you render. The most amazing thing is that they want the project handled by a company around them.

Now, you may want to ask, “if truly they are searching, why is my business not getting new customers. It’s because you don’t have a business listing on the internet. Perhaps, you have, but not optimized.

What is a business listing?

A business listing is a description that contains your business identity, including your name, phone number, and address. The business listings are usually submitted and saved on business directory platforms for people to find them when looking for a company to handle their projects or a store to patronize.

People are fond of using the internet for their research. They prefer to use search engines to get answers to their queries, to which “fireplace builders in New Jersey” is not an exception. And search engine like Google relies on business directories to provide their users with accurate and updated business citations.

Therefore, it’s very important to register business listings for your business. You could have a business profile on as many platforms as possible for better visibility and ranking. The common business directories are Google my business, Yelp, and Super pages. Also, ensure that you have the same details for all your listings.

  1. Focus on Local SEO

To make your website rank for searches made within the areas that your business cover, you need Local SEO.

What’s local SEO?

Local search engine optimization refers to all the refinement needed to make your website pages visible for local searches made on Google.

Let’s say you have a pest control company in Albany, New York. Local SEO is the marketing strategy that will make you rank for searches like “pest control services in New York” and even for those made in nearby areas such as Delmar, Glenmont, Loudonville, Mckownville, and other places that you cover.

You can make this happen by focusing on localized content. Make sure your content is tailored for those areas that your business covers. Always ensure that you are mentioning the names of cities and towns in your blog posts and headlines.

It becomes more effective when you have unique optimized landing pages for each city and state that you cover. For instance, the pest control business mentioned above could have landing pages titled pest control service in Albany, pest control in Delmar, and so on.

  1. Consider social media advertisements

If you are looking to get more hires from your locality, the social media platforms are places you should look into.

People love to connect with businesses within their area on social media. Meanwhile, some search for companies and business services on social platforms. They like to scale businesses based on what they see on their social media pages before approaching them for the projects that they have at hand.

Therefore, local businesses must have social media pages and profiles, especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, the pages must contain a portfolio of your recent work. With that, they will know that you’re active and relevant.

Also, you should share contents that are optimized for the areas and tag events like sports competitions or forums that your business attended or participated in in the neighboring towns and cities.

You could also run social media ads for your business. The ads will only be seen by people that are looking for your business or store within your coverage.

  1. Organize events and seminars

Event hosting and seminars are things local businesses should do regularly. Have seminars that will focus on how people could live better and stay healthy. For instance, a pest control business could organize a seminar to enlighten people on the dangers of having pests in their homes.

Doing this will let people see the need for your company in their homes and community. Also, it will create more awareness for your local business. More people will know your business and the service you render. The same thing for your business, you will connect with society and learn how to serve them better.

The events can also be parties, art fairs, or sports activities. Anything that will draw the attention of people to your business. Besides, make sure that your employees wear the same uniform at your events. Perhaps, T-shirts with your brand name and motto on them.

  1. Engage in community service

It’s not every time you get from your community. Sometimes, you give out to the community. As a local business, you need to let them feel your presence. You should be ready to offer your tools and services for the use of the community.

You can engage in charity work. Give support to the elderly and orphanages in the community and let them know that your business cares for their well-being. Humans are emotional beings. And we tend to reciprocate the love we receive from others.

Do something for your community today and watch them return the love by advertising your business and hiring you for their projects.


Business listing is the key to a digital awareness, and local SEO is that magnet that will attract new customers. Social media will assist you in building a community of trusted customers. And the remaining conventional ways will help you relate with people physically. Utilize these five steps and become the leading brand in your niche.